Oliver Payne

Behavioural insight & comms consultant

1999 RnD

Interactive Televison, Research and Development, and a VHS tape

A VHS tape. I know, V-H-S. There were no DVDs in 1998. There wasn’t any Interactive Television either.

So we invented some.

Trading as ‘The Lounge’ I worked a three month stint at Cable & Wireless with a programmer and an other Art Director dreaming up examples of how Interactive TV might look in the future.

I guess that ‘future’ is now.

And we weren’t far off (In fact I’m still waiting to see a ‘Press red now for Fantasy Football’). Electronic Program Guides are a staple of today’s interactivity on TV. We built one back in 1998. It wouldn’t look out of place now - apart for the fact that to make it work you had have a computer routed through a TV, an infra-red receiver gaffer-taped to the stand and a remote control the size of an ’80s mobile ‘phone.

Thankfully some things are better now than we imagined.

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