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What goes viral: 5 principles

By admin • Nov 27th, 2008 • Category: Twitter updates

Welcome to the occasional series of What goes viral. And no, it’s not the start of a geek-joke.
The following 5 principles are tried-and-tested.
David & Goliath
One person gets one over on a big organisation.
When Price Waterhouse Coopers inaugurated a new company called ‘Monday’ they only registered Monday.com An opportunist registered Monday.co.uk and a hastily built page [...]

I met some VIPs: Wallace & Gromit, and Morph!

By admin • Nov 26th, 2008 • Category: News / Updates / Thinking

Is it Christmas?

By admin • Nov 25th, 2008 • Category: News / Updates / Thinking

Leaning heavily on the shoulders of http://www.isittuesday.com I’ve launched our eco-friendly dynamic 2008 Christmas card:

The LAMP stack is free, but forces entrepreneurs to create value.

By admin • Nov 23rd, 2008 • Category: Twitter updates

The LAMP stack (and its close cousin the LAMJ stack) is a combination of Linux, Apache, MySql, and PHP/Perl (replace PHP/Perl with Javascript for the LAMJ stack).

Linux is the free open source operating system that servers all over the world use (and IBM adopted as the core of its vendor package after the failure of [...]

Non-digital creatives: have no fear, your handy guide is here.

By admin • Nov 7th, 2008 • Category: Twitter updates

You’ve been working in advertising since the dawn of time. You know everything there is to know. You should be feted - you are feted, but this new thing’s come along and bent the rules. Now they’re getting the plaudits. And the money. There’s one question that’s stuck in your craw:
How do you deal with [...]

My first successful pitch, aged 6

By admin • Nov 4th, 2008 • Category: News / Updates / Thinking

That’s a bit economical with the truth, I’ll admit. But I drew a half-decent hovercraft that the put-upon editor of the 1979 Autumn/Winter edition of ‘Hoverway’ (The Dover-Calais Hovercraft in-flight magazine) saw fit to publish. ‘Saw fit’ as in ‘had nothing else’. Maybe. Whatever - it was good practice [...]