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What goes viral: 5 principles

By admin • Nov 27th, 2008 • Category: Twitter updates

Welcome to the occasional series of What goes viral. And no, it’s not the start of a geek-joke.

The following 5 principles are tried-and-tested.

David & Goliath
One person gets one over on a big organisation.
When Price Waterhouse Coopers inaugurated a new company called ‘Monday’ they only registered Monday.com An opportunist registered Monday.co.uk and a hastily built page was assembled bearing an image of fingers doing the ‘V’ and a message: ‘We’ve got your name…’ over and over again.

Game of ‘Tag’/'You’re it’/'You’ve got the lurgy’
A loud and uncontrollable all-singing all-dancing exe shouted and flashed a ‘You are gay’ message as soon as it was opened.

Claire Swires and the infamous ’spit or swallow’ email.

Free lunch
There’s still an email doing the rounds, years after it began, claiming you can get money from Microsoft if you give them feedback on their software. It’s false, people still fall for it, the greedy buggers.

Laugh at the stupid person
The Darwin Awards are top of the tree for this one. ha.

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