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ITV Tonight show special: no news is good news (literally).

By admin • Jan 31st, 2009 • Category: Twitter updates

No one’s buying anything, right? Careful with that sweeper of a statement - while Woolworths has done a ‘Titanic’, and Zaavi’s management buyout team won’t be booking a table at the Financial Times annual awards dinner this year, online retail is relatively healthy.

The (less well reported) buying and selling of successful online businesses is alive and well. Much to the chagrin of ITV. I know this partly because I am a member of BusinessesForSale.com, which does exactly what it says on the tin masthead. And they’ve been pumping a request from ITV for a Tonight special on spending redundancy pay outs on businesses. Here’s their latest mail:

“The production team had an excellent response - mainly from people who have had a great experience and whose businesses are doing well.

But the show does need to reflect the other side of the story - the cautionary message that there are some areas of business that people buy into that may not be as profitable as first thought. This is an especially important message in the current climate, that while there is opportunity out there, caution must be taken.

If your experiences have been less than positive and you feel this applies to you, please reply to…”

Hmmm, ITV can’t find the bad news. That’ll bugger up the TV show they commissioned. They’d better keep digging then, until they find some bad stuff. Of course, any fair man would look at the way the data’s being collected and be aware that success stories are more likely to be self-selecting, and hence skew the result. But really.

It does seem that no news - literally - is good news.

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  1. Hi, I am the co-founder and Chairman of BusinessesForSale.com. I suspect ITV have been overwhelmed with positive stories and really are looking for the… “Yes, but… beware…” story to counter balance everything. We’ll have to wait and see. We help out so many TV productions but we rarely ever get a mention, so thank you! I doubt ITV will mention BusinessesForSale.com - but you never know. We’ve had a record number of enquiries in January from people who want to buy a business and be their own boss. I guess most people’s confidence in the corproate sector is at an all time low. The corporate sector cannot promise certainty anymore - so people are figuring they may as well have the uncertainty of running their own business as the rewards can be greater than a company pension and 20 days holiday per year.

  2. Thank you for your comments Marcus. It’s great to hear from the horses mouth, so to speak - and I’m glad I could give you a mention.

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