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Marketing the internet browser: Where’s your juggler?

By admin • Jan 22nd, 2009 • Category: Twitter updates

For brands that have fans, or brands that purport to be ‘with you wherever you go’, the web browser is an under-used opportunity.

There are a lot of browsers out there. Most people only use the big four: IE, Safari, Netscape/Mozilla, and Firefox. And they all pretty much look the same - grey, with a bit of volume. As I like to think - By boys, for boys (which is like the FUBU clothing company, but without the cool). They all look the same.

But because the online world is a broad church (and getting broader) many group have got together to share uploads to change a browser’s look and feel. If you have a particular penchant for Winnie the Pooh then be my guest here. If you’re a tweenie then get all over these browser skins for IE straight away.

But Firefox is the browser that’s really making a difference. Ed hume - unpaid - made a Halloween theme that’s available for download on the official Firefox site . And what about his Scribblies Theme? - A brightly colored child’s theme where a juggler juggles balls while pages load.

walnut firefox

Giving a browser a wood grain finish is out there, and an obvious place to start. What would you for your brand?

And this is just lone guys. Without a brief.

So where’s your brand’s browser theme? Where’s your opportunity to take the high ground and make sure your customers are browsing through you? With you? Wherever they go, you’re taking them there.

Where’s your juggler while pages load?

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  1. We ask this same question every day, and so far, it’s sports teams, entertainers and news sites that answer in the affirmative. BrandThunder.com builds branded browsers. Our clients range from the Huffington Post to NASCAR, Universal Music Group to the National Hockey League.

    And we go beyond the theme allowing integration of content and functionality — all in a single download. We’ve also improved the experience for the user so they can migrate between versions of our product changing theme, extensions and functionality without restarting the browser.

    We have strategic partners in the UK, like KAM Sports International, so we expect to see these more in the UK market soon as well. Currently, celebrity photo site DJMICK offers one at http://www.djmick.co.uk/browser.htm.

    Sorry, if this comment is overly “commercial.” I’ve just not come across someone so accurately calling out our product and value proposition.

  2. Perfect! You build the juggler while the page loads. And build functionality into browsers to boot.

    For the record I don’t think your comment is overtly commercial. In fact, I would like to think you’d get some work from this post. Do let me know if you do - it would be a great story.

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