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Web 1.0 is to audience, as Web 2.0 is to _____?

By admin • Jan 25th, 2009 • Category: Twitter updates

Web 1.0 is to audience, as Web 2.0 is to protagonist.

There is no such thing as an audience anymore - only protagonists. Protagonists form loose, and not so loose, gangs. And any member of a gang can make a suggestion about what to do (however meek). And any member of a gang can do something in the name of the gang. And if the gang don’t approve of the action the member is ex-communicated, and hence the gang retains its shape. Have you ever Digged something? Or emailed a link to a friend? Posted a link on Facebook? Then you’ve made an input to a gang - we’re all protagonists now.

1. The main character in a drama or other literary work.
2. a. A leading or principal figure.
b. The leader of a cause; a champion.
3. A proponent; an advocate.

In its most junior form - its most vulnerable - you can use the protagonist approach to make your customers become the principle figure in your marketing message. The mechanics of delivering this are simply explained: create a message that requires the user to push it over the tipping point. How you deliver the tipping point is the hard bit: You must make sure that the action you demand reinforces your message.

Reinforcing your message

In summary: Don’t tell it, let them do it.

And then when you get more brave you can help them talk about it.
And then help them make their own version.
And then help them tell someone else about it.
And then help them tell the world.

(Becuase they’re going do it anyway - Just like Jonah Peretti, Nike, and the Sweatshop decal from 2001.)

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