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By admin • Feb 21st, 2009 • Category: Twitter updates

Twitter - every language has a dictionary. This is Twitter’s.

Titter: A joke in 140 chars or less.
Twatter: an idiotic twitterer, or an idiotic tweet.
TwitteRatio: Ratio of followers to following. Heavily skewed towards ‘followers’ for celebrities. For non-celebs the opposite is true.
You want to add more? Go ahead…

Update - I found this:
5. You’re talking like a [...]

Bring back the Snake Oil salesman

By admin • Feb 16th, 2009 • Category: Twitter updates

As the tightening tap of big media dollars leave some big media channels as dry as Ghandi’s flip-flop one wonders whether the one-way message will ever regain it’s place at the top table of marketing.

It’s common to think of near-history as representative of history as a whole. And I wonder whether we’re making that [...]

Watching the radio will help your presentations

By admin • Feb 8th, 2009 • Category: Twitter updates

Have you ever watched BBC Radio on television? At first it feels like being in a hotel, which is odd if you’re at home. However, they do some interesting things with the on-screen display.

They have a great little rotating copy line that tells you what’s coming next.
So simple you could be forgiven for thinking [...]

One-for-all and all for One(-for-all)

By admin • Feb 5th, 2009 • Category: Twitter updates

One-for-all make a great product that I’m sure you’re aware of - and if you’ve got a Father anything like mine you will almost certainly have used one. You may have one. If you do you’ll know that benefit you get from being able to control multiple audio/visual devices with one remote control. I call [...]

Outsourcing your status: I(P) feel fine.

By admin • Feb 2nd, 2009 • Category: Twitter updates

It’s hard work keeping your social network up to date with your life - so why not outsource it?