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One-for-all and all for One(-for-all)

By admin • Feb 5th, 2009 • Category: Twitter updates

One-for-all make a great product that I’m sure you’re aware of - and if you’ve got a Father anything like mine you will almost certainly have used one. You may have one. If you do you’ll know that benefit you get from being able to control multiple audio/visual devices with one remote control. I call this ‘convenience leverage’.

One-for-all and all for One(-for-all)

Leverage is the thing that makes our lives better: gears on a pushbike, mortgage borrowing increasing return on a deposit (in the long term, maybe not now), wooden sticks increasing our arm velocity in order to kill animals (I mean in a caveman-type way, not serial-killer-in-waiting-type way).

Can you use leverage to help manage social media - a ’social leverage’ if you will.

I use twitter. I use facebook. I have a weblog (the root of blog. Which should be written as ‘blog right? to denote the missing part of the word, as phone should be written ‘phone to indicate the missing ‘tele’). I have some audience overlap between all three, but it’s a fag updating each individually.

Twitter provide ways to increase your ’social leverage’: some apps and snags that can give you a One-for-all TV remote control experience.

You can update Twitter by SMS, you can snag PHP from Twitter for your weblog that sucks in named updates, and you can add a Facebook app that uses Twitter updates as your Facebook status. Leverage, at work.

This ’social leverage’ quotient will define the winners (and losers) in the social network race. Twitter’s doing well by offering a service and a platform. Watch that space (140 chars at a time).

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