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Outsourcing your status: I(P) feel fine.

By admin • Feb 2nd, 2009 • Category: Twitter updates

It’s hard work keeping your social network up to date with your life - so why not outsource it?

Status Shuffle is the largest collection of funny Facebook status messages on the Internet

I just found the Status Shuffle App on Facebook. Not many things make me want to write like a teenage girl, but in this case OMG! It’s an application that lets you take the strain out of updating your status. What a terrible idea; it takes the ’social’ out of social networking.

The worst thing is there’s about half a million active users.

There is some upside though - Darwin seems to helping snuff out the app, as evidenced by (the delightful I’m sure) Georgina, at 9:11am on December 13:
“I can’t bloody find it…”
. Thank God.

We don’t need IP addresses passing binary encodings to other IP addresses that have no meaning for them or the humans it’s intended for. What a waste of energy.

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