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The internet ‘joke’

By admin • Mar 2nd, 2009 • Category: Twitter updates

I found a PDF of a press ad on my data storage today. It’s an ad about the threats the internet imposes on big business (and by implication the opportunities it affords small business). It’s almost exactly 10 years old, and apart from a few quaint uses of language, you could run it today and it would still be relevant. How horrific.

“Remember barriers to entry? Those handy
financial obstacles that kept upstarts from
encroaching on your turf?
Well, the barriers have fallen and they won’t
be getting up.

(Wordpress, YMII, elance)

“In the new electronic economy, virtual
companies with little cash and few physical
assets can go one-on-one with industry
giants–and win.

(Amazon, dropshipforum, ebay, reduceyourenergyuse)

“In cyberspace, value is everything. If you can
consistently deliver more of it than the next
guy down the superhighway, the world will beat
an electronic path to your door.

(Quicken accounting software)

“That may mean forming new alliances with
cost-effective suppliers up and down your supply
chain. It may mean sifting through your customer
data in search of new ways to make
yourself indispensable.

“It certainly will mean maintaining a nimble,
tuned-in culture that meshes its people, process,
as well as its technology with a restless, everevolving

(businessblog, facebook, twitter, mashable)

“Do all that and the Internet joke will be
some other company’s nightmare.


“To find out how our eCommerce experience
can benefit your organization, visit us at

If you own, work at, or know of an organization that still hasn’t heeded these messages then get out now. Get out, and go and be the next ‘small guy’, because in 10 years you’ll be big.

I was just about to press publish on this blog and saw the new skittles work. Point made.

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