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[@oliverpayne] Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-09-28

By admin • Sep 28th, 2009 • Category: Twitter updates
  • \FILM\ Finally: a decent expression of signatures saving lives (takes a while to get to the point) Amnesty International http://ow.ly/qgs4 #
  • @W1mum …then one must cancel suit. ho ho. in reply to W1mum #
  • \ NEW REPORT \ The Hunter Briefing:A Bird’s Eye View on Sustainability in Fashion #greengaged #sustainable #fashion #LFW http://ow.ly/qic3 #
  • Looking for a new business person - can be remote worker, but needs UK/EU reach. Profit share of found business | website: http://ow.ly/qkSH #
  • How to Tweak Your Twitter Layout for Maximum Influence | Designage | Fast Company http://ow.ly/qmoG #
  • What Britain eats: three decades of grocery shopping | Times Labs Blog http://ow.ly/qmDe #
  • YouTube - Buried in an Avalanche, and dug out again, on film. *shudder* http://ow.ly/qmNz #
  • \ The Hunter Blog \ 10 words that save 7 trillion gallons of water | The Hunting Dynasty http://ow.ly/qmXE #
  • [ @taraspring ...looking after Alastair Campbell all afternoon] Is that for Chain Reaction? (Radio 4) #
  • Loose horse morning. Thankfully after escaping he took himself to the field. And then back to the stable. And then out again. I hear ya. #
  • @kirstieh I think they all have simple maps in their heads: ’stuff’ & ‘place for food’. ‘Stuff’, in human terms, is the rest of the world. in reply to kirstieh #
  • @kirstieh Two Thoroughbreds: Bit skittish at times, and don’t really understand ’standing’. Fun. in reply to kirstieh #
  • [ @Floheiss: Experiments in digital creativity]… the link’s buggered dude. #
  • I need to work with someone who has skills to repackage a twitter feed for EXCITING new project. Paid by fame, not $. DM me - lots done. #
  • RT @markcridge: Why small things, make a big difference. Arial & Helvetica, the proof. http://bit.ly/VOswk (via @jeffjarvis @Malbonnington) #
  • @huntingdynasty [RT @Greengaged: only few places left- Michael Pawlyn's day tomorrow on biomimcry, london #greengaged http://www.greengaged.com #
  • @meltingman I'm going to #Greengaged on Friday - you too? (not there today - you enjoying it?) in reply to meltingman #
  • Does anyone use http://meltwaternews.com for new business? It's an industrial strength news search engine, apparently. They're good? #
  • @Rylie83 not bad on CSS yes. Bit 'hacky' but can usually get stuff working - just be fixing floating graphics. WHat's up? in reply to Rylie83 #
  • @Rylie83 look at the source, see what's wrapping your element, and search for it in style file. Or screenshot colour, and use that in style in reply to Rylie83 #
  • @Rylie83 send me URL I'll have a look in reply to Rylie83 #
  • The argument between BBC and ITV about scheduling XFactor and Strictly is odd - it's irrelevant for those with Sky+. #
  • @sarahchurchwell @Woman_in_White @mrstrefusis Havers thing'll be searchable on Google even if not following on Twitter *silent mode* in reply to sarahchurchwell #
  • [ RT @petite_a: Coming back from Dorking. What happened in Dorking stays in Dorking] lol - nothing happens in Dorking *hiding behind chair* #
  • The Most Controversial Magazine Covers of All Time | Webdesigner Depot http://ow.ly/qybK #
  • @thorks yes of course - I didn’t put the two together even hough I knew. Doh. Did you get a SWB Pajero in the end? in reply to thorks #
  • @Rylie83 yes lookig now in reply to Rylie83 #
  • \\ NEW POST \\ ‘Throw away’ thinking: 12 businesses redesigning fast fashion #sustainable #fashion #LFW http://ow.ly/qE3k #
  • RT @indiaknight: RT @jackschofield: The best London Underground Tube map pastiches, at the Telegraph http://bit.ly/19k04K #
  • RT @hannahmeiton: whatcha need little me for? @thorks Meltwater in UK contacted me to buy the service for my new agency http://ow.ly/qHnn >> #
  • @hannahmeiton >> wondering the difference between Meltwater and Google Alerts - just realised you work for US arm *waving hello* in reply to hannahmeiton #
  • RT @tham: The only sustainable source of advantage is the ability to learn faster than the competition. - Ethan Bauley #
  • @hannahmeiton ok sent mail - I’ll meet you in email, lol in reply to hannahmeiton #
  • RT @krutal: Creative Toilet Paper Designs http://klck.me/P1 #
  • Head cold, hot soup. Bleuuugh. #mancoldmakesmeactlikeateenager #
  • Slumdog Come Dancing #SCD #
  • RT @gibbzer: Tiuffers has the permanent expression of a boy who’s just heard a fart joke. #SCD LOL! #
  • RT @diggupdates: China Laying Ground to Build ‘Wall Street’ of Carbon Trading http://bit.ly/4vJ7rm #
  • Found through @Tonygardner] Playing in sandpit not only transferable skill, but ACTUAL skill:Ukraine’s Got Talent(youtube) http://ow.ly/rfHg #
  • “Follow Many Twitter Users at Once”. Make lists, view other’s lists. This rocks. It’s new (I think?) View it now: TweepML http://ow.ly/rfS9 #
  • A 404 Error page with two ‘error’ stories - a great example of contextual messaging http://ow.ly/rhAI #marketing #404 #
  • @Alfie Thanks for the ReTweet (Error page with two ‘error’ stories - a great example of contextual messaging http://ow.ly/rhAI) in reply to Alfie #

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