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[@oliverpayne] Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-12-07

By admin • Dec 7th, 2009 • Category: Twitter updates
  • Fox News Makes the Best Pie Chart. Ever. | FlowingData http://ow.ly/H3bK #
  • Some ducks are swimming in my garden. (It’s a bit wet here.) #
  • The Economist on Facebook: This week’s Editor’s selection of articles for those short on time is now available to view: http://sn.im/sgyga #
  • RT @mrchrisaddison: In case you missed it, here’s this week’s red button stuff from The Thick of It: http://bit.ly/7GlTDz #
  • @caitlinmoran Mr Toppers is £10 with the (non)optional hairwash *pokes tounge* (Not sure what they’d charge for Cowell-esque gorilla hair) in reply to caitlinmoran #
  • RT @ibmevents: It’s estimated that more data was created this year than in the last 5000 yrs combined http://bit.ly/ukanalytics #ibmbao #
  • @indiaknight Hello, I read your ad… (@caitlinmoran) in reply to indiaknight #
  • @indiaknight NO WAY! I have lots of books too! Meet? - I’ll be wearing a carnation (and Morning suit, top hat, with best man, carriage, etc) in reply to indiaknight #
  • RT @Floheiss: BEST THING EVER- link to a specific bit in a YouTube clip? Add this at the end of the URL #t=XXmYYs for XX mins and YY seconds #
  • RT @dacort: While the concept/vision of @Square (iPhone CC payments) blow me away, this image gave me the chills. http://bit.ly/8X8auF #
  • RT @SaatchiDesign: top UK graphic design students: fancy a placement with us for a couple of weeks? #
  • RT @emmadennis: This sounds amazing! Kew Gardens have allowed the Google Street View cars in. Launches today! http://bit.ly/6JXUUS #
  • Platon: Photographs of World Leaders : The New Yorker http://ow.ly/HO6x #
  • ]RT @albionlondon: looking for a placement student available now ’til Jan. EXCITING PROJECT! email Susanna.Hailstone@albionlondon.com] #
  • RT @daraobriain: True story. At rehearsal for World Cup draw yesterday, Charlize Theron pulled out ball “France” and said “Ireland”… #
  • @indiaknight Jump on your neighbours WiFi? (You’ll have to ask - no one leaves them unlocked - apart from me: peacocks have no WiFi) in reply to indiaknight #
  • @BelgianWaffling marteau piqueur/pneumatic drill - how big a pipe are they putting in there? *Imagines internet the speed of a motorway* in reply to BelgianWaffling #
  • #ff #followfriday @secrettweet - A Postsecret (http://postsecret.blogspot.com) for Twitter. I guarantee either will stop you in your tracks. #
  • Having to force myself to write today. I’ve done all the research, got a great angle, I will enjoy reading it. But the writing… ARGH! #
  • Who wants to write this for me? “Incentives: Why parachutes never fail, trains are overcrowded, and you never meet an incompetent fugu chef” #
  • @coolcommentator Thanks for the ‘#ff cool’ in reply to coolcommentator #
  • RT @OneNakedApe: RT @newscientist: 10,000 Americans are currently wearing anklets that tell the cops if they get drunk http://bit.ly/7rK2Os #
  • RT @krishgm: RT @loveandgarbage: there is an excellent response at the spectator by @alexmassie http://bit.ly/8CUEPC #

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