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[@oliverpayne] Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-01-04

By admin • Jan 4th, 2010 • Category: Twitter updates
  • @sarahchurchwell I like CoED - although are we assuming responsibility for people who should actively carve out a passive day (oxymoron?) in reply to sarahchurchwell #
  • @sarahchurchwell OMG, I can see Clinton’s Cards’ soporific verse swirling around my head… Hold on, isn’t it just a PROPER Bank Holiday? in reply to sarahchurchwell #
  • 999 yesterday. Horse fell over in trailer on dual carrigeway into Basingstoke. Police closed road to get horse out- very Micheal Buerk :-/ #
  • @sarahchurchwell Hectic diary! You have filled no-man’s land between Crimbo and New Year’s Eve: Fatal :-) in reply to sarahchurchwell #
  • Talks | TED Partner Series | Dan Ariely asks, Are we in control of our own decisions? | The Hunting Dynasty http://ow.ly/R3wB #
  • cards of change http://ow.ly/R8xh (business cards) #
  • A restroom sign in South Africa, which hints at one use for Zimbabwe’s severely devalued currency | NYTimes.com http://ow.ly/R9JS #
  • RT @DrSamuelJohnson: #2010predictions Mister JOBS shall unveil a Difference-Engine styl’d on the Roman Wax Tablet & still receive ADULATION #
  • @mrstrefusis RT @Societas_: Fire up the Quattro… Ashes to Ashes series III is coming. Love the fact DCI Gene HUnt has got his own Twit… #
  • Been reading a lot of Behavioural Economics - this article sums it up: Six Ways to Get People to Say ‘Yes’ | Copyblogger http://ow.ly/RkNo #
  • @mrstrefusis I can imagine you doing that! Gifts: DCI Gene Hunt ringtones http://ow.ly/RkTb & solution to work green idea http://ow.ly/RkTF in reply to mrstrefusis #
  • End Of The Year Joke Clearout: How do you make Lady Gaga cry? Poke her face #
  • End Of The Year Joke Clearout: What do you call a smelly fairy? Stinkerbell #
  • Even non-binding pledges change behaviour - undertakers know this: Funeral home offers drunk drivers a free burial http://ow.ly/RmXl #
  • @caitlinmoran Always funny - “Holden Backus The Years By Simply Red” Celebrity Watch Awards 2009 - Times Online http://ow.ly/Rl6F #
  • @sarahchurchwell “Bastard/alienate/’splain”: I think (though no proof) that familiarity of first and last letter important http://ow.ly/RC4V #
  • Is email a distraction? facebook, & twitter? SelfControl is an application which blocks access for a predetermined period http://ow.ly/RI2h #
  • Read the last two blocks on this page about doing talks, filling forms, and not getting paid - funny. Bad Science http://ow.ly/RImv #
  • People who moved to Chicago, Dallas & London get to fewer local landmarks during their first year than typical tourist http://ow.ly/RVjZ #
  • Middle aged spread (Increase in weight *actually* spreads through groups) | animation | New England Journal of Medicine http://ow.ly/RVoi #
  • Halfbaked ideas - to vote on, or add to. http://ow.ly/RWnA #
  • @mrstrefusis TGT Brilliant! My sister used to make phonetic errors. One ended up as joke: How do ladies steer their bikes? With handle-bras in reply to mrstrefusis #
  • @jamieromain are you using a picture of me? lol. You need a URL shortner for your links dude. Download #Seesmic and sign up for #hootsuite. in reply to jamieromain #
  • Anyone got any examples of communication that inspires sustainable behaviour? #helpmewithmysundaynighthomeworkpleaseihavenodogtoeatit #
  • @davidbarrie Hi, thanks for reply. :-) in reply to davidbarrie #

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