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[@oliverpayne] Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-01-18

By admin • Jan 18th, 2010 • Category: Twitter updates
  • Sleep Talkin’ Man: Wife records husband’s night-time mutterings and post them on blog - prolific, profane, and per-illiant http://ow.ly/V2Sq #
  • RT @SleepTalkinMan: “Legs time! Everybody get your legs!” http://www.SleepTalkinMan.blogspot.com #
  • @CollingsA I’m looking forward to The Persuasionists - the sitcom you script-edited - for obvious reasons (I’m an ad boy) in reply to CollingsA #
  • RT @adverts: A fantastic resource, a compilation of all the Uniqlo digital projects from 2007. (via.. http://bit.ly/7bgS2F #
  • RT @shitmydadsays: “No presents goddamit. I’m turning 74. I don’t need you to commemorate that with a fucking Barnes and Noble gift card.” #
  • RT @DrSamuelJohnson: Miss Fay RIPLEY paid a King’s RANSOM to mimick a Pauper by omnipotent Costermongers TESCO #
  • RT @davidschneider: Simon Cowell denies the categories for the US X-Factor will be Boys, Girls, Groups and Over-25 stone #
  • Seen QR codes? – not like this. Building in Japan one huge QR code that becomes living website thanks to augmented reality http://ow.ly/VyK2 #
  • Very naughty I know - but has anyone got a Peralfinders login that I could use? #
  • @meltingman Yo - desk! WHere are you now then? in reply to meltingman #
  • [RT @realrossnoble: Today we bombard (at)bnp. Example: I have eaten loads of Chinese food does that mean I have to move overseas till I poo] #
  • Oldie but goodie [RT @davidschneider: look at pics imagining the appropriate comedy music http://ow.ly/Vga3 (via @atomicpoet, @SaliWho)] #
  • [RT @bobbyllew: Okay, here's another one for you. Beardyman, the human beat box genius. Anyone got any contacts for him?] #
  • Beautiful! [RT @indiaknight: RT @JillMansell: Watch books being bought all over the world! http://is.gd/68IuC #
  • I'm writing! shhh... (I'm drinking too... *hick*) #
  • Google Plans to Upgrade Old Billboards in Street View http://ow.ly/VW7w #
  • RT @darthvader: When life hands you lemons, force-choke them and make lemonade. #wwdvd #
  • So strange- we've had 1.5 inches of snow in New Forest. That's it. In total. Only the freezing temp kept it on the ground. Mostly gone now. #
  • RT @DrSamuelJohnson:Pray attend The Persuasionists on BBC II electrick-Theatre tonight. Mister THAKE is most promising Dramatist @CollingsA #
  • Yeah alright, whatevs. Snow's falling. #uksnow SO40 2/10 #
  • Topsy Retweet Button for Web Sites - much better than Tweetmeme IMHO http://ow.ly/VXfL #twwet #code #webdev #
  • @gracedent @domjolly was at Clarkson's NYE bash with La Cameron too. Doing pre-election-win shmooze a la Blair '97? in reply to gracedent #
  • Conversations About The Internet #5: Anonymous Facebook Employee - The Rumpus.net http://ow.ly/W63G #
  • YouTube - Covering the Decade in Magazine Covers http://ow.ly/WciR #
  • RT @bbcquestiontime: All the information about tonight's panel is now up and can be found here - http://is.gd/6fiWn. 10.35pm #bbcqt #
  • [ RT @indiaknight: Everything I Have http://post.ly/IeRU ] Blimey. (shouldn’t have put all those clothes on a hot wash…) #
  • @bohellberg The end of the microsite - finally! Pepsi and Coke give chase to consumers. | Simon Mainwaring http://ow.ly/WwjN #brand #digital #
  • @caitlinmoran “…15 square Meatloaf of Axminster…” *shuts-laptop-laughing-too-much-for-serious-work-today, face* http://ow.ly/WKpM in reply to caitlinmoran #
  • Had a request from a hot new alternative media agency I know for any experiential people looking for a new challenge. You? #
  • @kirstieh PM’d you :) in reply to kirstieh #
  • @ElioStudio PM in reply to ElioStudio #
  • @kirstieh Thanks Kirsty - got a few interesting things in the pipeline :-) Hard at times though - defining a new sector AND our place in it. in reply to kirstieh #
  • @markdisplay Dude - Ta for reply. I think they’re looking to employ someone to build up that side of their biz. How’s tricks with you? Busy? in reply to markdisplay #
  • Conan Puts The Tonight Show for Sale on Craigslist http://ow.ly/X0R6 #

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