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[@oliverpayne] Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-03-22

By admin • Mar 22nd, 2010 • Category: Twitter updates
  • RT @simonblackwell: #ciggiefilms Dial M Physema #
  • @achrisevans 3 tyre changes - the refueling pit stops spiced things up, but the refueling itself cost too much (dev, tech, manpower). in reply to achrisevans #
  • Chevrolet Blends Mobile and Desktop Augmented Reality at SXSW http://ow.ly/1iwSN #
  • WHY does Woman’s Hour do a section on French state dinner and make it all about CARLA BRUNI’S LACK OF BRA?!?!@ Pointless (joke not intended) #
  • Next up on #Radio4: Male MPs - do Liberals dress to the left and Conservatives dress to the right? #radio4musthaveBBC3controlleronsecondment #
  • @salihughes …first language? more like first half… in reply to salihughes #
  • Fiat supports commercial vehicle range with sitcom - Marketing news - Marketing magazine http://ow.ly/1l04I #advertising #marketing #tvads #
  • The Chosun Ilbo (English Edition): Daily News from Korea - Apple Sells 120,000 iPads on First Day of Pre-Orders http://ow.ly/1l2PT #
  • @SamAtRedmag @VictoriaPeckham Why don’t we just get Taiwanese TV to 3D the whole thing? *starts script* #
  • If you’re an ISO 14000 person can I speak to you? #in #iso #bsi #
  • RT @rickwray: Facebook overtakes Google in the US http://tcrn.ch/bQrNtQ for the first time ever, says Hitwise #
  • Watch Amazing Backflip Basketball Shot Video | Break.com http://ow.ly/1ll3n #
  • RT @jamescrabtree: I just got to tell the office my favourite ever stat: 1 in 7 people is a chinese farmer #omgfacts #
  • @VictoriaPeckham Urgh, I hate that self-righteousness. I write about invisible ways of behaviour change - you might like? http://ow.ly/1mObH in reply to VictoriaPeckham #
  • Look-a-likes. Not. (youtube) http://ow.ly/1mOfD #
  • RT @jamescrabtree: I just got to tell the office my favourite ever stat: 1 in 7 people is a chinese farmer #
  • D.U.L.L Dull. [ RT @mashable: Tiger’s Return to Golf to be Broadcast in 3D - http://bit.ly/chpD2F ] #
  • xkcd: A webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math, and language | Numbers http://ow.ly/1nevU #
  • Gapminder World “This graph shows how long people live and how much money they earn since 1800.” http://ow.ly/1nfcU #
  • Hold the last tweet - this section is WAY better ‘Interactive presentations (Flash, PowerPoint etc.)’ Gapminder.org http://ow.ly/1nfe9 #
  • @SamAtRedmag Odd fact: a child born tomorrow will have life expectancy 6 hours longer that child born today. And repeat. (in rich countries) in reply to SamAtRedmag #
  • @sarahchurchwell Isn’t that short story winner the elevator pitch for The Bible? lol. in reply to sarahchurchwell #
  • @cerysmatthews Glad you like the fact thing about the Chinese farmers. Finding more for pres. Latest - 1 in 3 adults on planet smoke. Nuts! in reply to cerysmatthews #
  • Sustainable behaviour in the office - making it universal and inexpensive | The Hunting Dynasty | Sustainability Comms http://ow.ly/1nrE8 #
  • @PollyVernon Nah, he’s underground. *lame joke face* in reply to PollyVernon #
  • RT @WiredUK: Amazon launches Kindle for Mac: http://is.gd/aN8Bn by @KatieScott1980 #
  • @mrstrefusis It’s not a fire drill - it’s a Happy Birthday drill! *forcing two things together to make them funny, face* in reply to mrstrefusis #
  • RT @guyadams: The porn star mistress of Tiger Woods just posted 100 of his text messages on her (quite fruity) website http://bit.ly/cVMItt #
  • @mrstrefusis Ahhh, Polpo. Yummy birthday! Have a lovely day in what seems like the Trefusii Birth Week. in reply to mrstrefusis #
  • I’m not that bothered about Ashcroft’s non-dom status. Listening to the news it seems like EVERYONE’S up in arms. Are they? #
  • @KarynFleeting lol, exactly. I’d do the same if I had worldwide income. I wouldn’t want to be a party chairman though… in reply to KarynFleeting #
  • RT @BBHLabs: There’s a bumper special report on social networking in The Economist (9 articles, mostly hype-free) - http://j.mp/c9N3GE #
  • RT @WiredResearch: 37% of Americans ages 18-34 haven’t sent letter via the Post Office in last two weeks. Only 13% ages 55+ report the same. #
  • RT @robloder: RT @simonkenyon: Is it just me or has the beeb turned up the contrast to 11 #bbcqt ? Margaret Beckett is making my eyes bleed #
  • RT @DrPetra: Didn’t know Craig David was relationships guru! Tho he did meet a girl on Monday and they were making love by Wednesday, so… #
  • RT @guardiannews: ‘Advertisers should fear Twitter and Facebook more than regulators’ http://bit.ly/b4qNt6 #
  • [RT @JasonBradbury: #ff @eddieizzard Amazing marathon running. The most impressive act of determination and drive I've ever seen.] Agreed! #
  • How do you create sustainable behaviour? Ask Google (My business has the six top results) | The Hunting Dynasty | http://ow.ly/1obM6 #
  • @VivGroskop Thank you for the #ff | Follow Viv’s writing here | Viv Groskop | guardian.co.uk http://ow.ly/1onGh in reply to VivGroskop #
  • RT @jackschofield: Find out when your Twitter friends sleep! http://www.sleepingtime.org/ by @labnol Some techies http://bit.ly/cHpVrT #
  • @VivGroskop Love Times phwoar-gate. Phwoargh spelled as in Featherstonehaugh? lol Quite appropriate, no? #
  • @VivGroskop Sweet! want to see ‘eager Belvoir’ & ‘Magdalene expression’. Athough glad Times aren’t afraid of homophone, but Daily Mail… in reply to VivGroskop #
  • @VivGroskop Yes! *inspired* The Sun use Homer (of Simpson) phone, The Times, Homer (of Illiad) phone. Our work here is done. Day off now :) in reply to VivGroskop #
  • *NEW POST* The dinner party kit: a bluffer’s guide to behavioural economics | The Hunting Dynasty | http://ow.ly/1ouFA #
  • RT @davidschneider: 2nd field from the left and the one in front of the barn #fallowfriday #
  • @mermhart what I call, blanking in reply to mermhart #
  • RT @Twitter_Tips: ‘American Idol’ results tweeted before show, which then has lowest ratings ever: http://j.mp/buMp7k #
  • Malcolm Tucker’s election briefing | Comment is free | The Guardian http://ow.ly/1oM9O #
  • RT @SharonHayes: Whoa! ~ Taxi Driver in India Uses a YouTube Video to Find Customers Online http://bit.ly/9c7l5C /via @Iconic88 #
  • In the middle of nownjere. Abse nhe. Mght need to call fr backup:) #
  • @JimMacMillan in reply to JimMacMillan #
  • Hungover in strange house. Dog on bed with me. Don’t like dogs, especially when hungover. Especially when sleeping. Especially now. #

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