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[@oliverpayne] Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-04-05

By admin • Apr 5th, 2010 • Category: Twitter updates
  • RT @guardiannews: Marmite ads to stage parallel election http://bit.ly/bOqiMr #
  • [RT @stephenfry: Worth breaking twitter silence for: http://tinyurl.com/ylymnz5 I love them so much it hurts. Dan & Dan FTW] Daily Mail song #
  • I’ll never see In The Thick Of It the same way | Box Canvas Print of Peter Capaldi http://ow.ly/1s8o1 #
  • @jojomoyes I don’t worry too much about dates - I figure they have to put some leeway in there. Go for it! (I’m not a doctor, lol). in reply to jojomoyes #
  • @mrstrefusis I’m confused about the light too - it’s wine O’Clock, but it FEELS too early. :-/ in reply to mrstrefusis #
  • @mrstrefusis I’m going to have to go for walk to ‘earn’ my wine instead, lol #firstworldproblems in reply to mrstrefusis #
  • I’m officially announcing it’s now BST wine O’Clock. #
  • @mrstrefusis Yes, I am lucky. I earned my wine the hard way by - walking on green, wet ground covered in daffodils and deer hoof prints :-) in reply to mrstrefusis #
  • RT @channel4news: Right, here we go….. it’s over to @krishgm….. Watch the LIVE STREAM here: http://bit.ly/aCr2m3 #askthechancellors #
  • Dad and his two bickering sons #askthechencellors #
  • Osbourne so out of his depth. Vince winning, Darling close behind. #
  • RT @SamAtRedmag: I don’t see how Darling can poss be ahead of Cable RT @channel4news: Darling 34%, Cable/Osborne both 33. #askthechancellors #
  • Mag & Paper folks - excited by the iPad? @KathViner @salihughes @SamAtRedmag http://ow.ly/1svlI #
  • [RT @CERN: #LHC Experiment have seen collisions!!!!!!!!!!! First time in the history!!!!!!!!!!!! World record!!!!!!!! (at 7 TeV)] #
  • RT @CERN: Live webcast: http://bit.ly/aQftoi #
  • *NEW* How do you use behavioural economics to increase desire for electric cars and bikes? #communication http://ow.ly/1syqE #
  • RT @mashable: University to Provide iPads for All New Students - http://bit.ly/aZT4Uo #
  • ‘Adactio: Journal - The password anti-pattern’ (how login patterns teach you to be phished. bit geeky) http://ow.ly/1sYjU #
  • (Funny. Writing) ‘Men are from Skylon 4. Women are from a breakfast nook on Earth - alexbogusky http://ow.ly/1sYA0 #
  • “Never ask a man what kind of computer he drives. If its a Mac, he’ll tell you. If not, why embarrass him?” - Tom Clancy #
  • How do you use behavioural economics to increase desire for electric cars and bikes? | http://ow.ly/1t2b2 #
  • RT @awriterslife92: Banned #iPhone Apps: 15 Most Outrageous Rejected Apps (HuffPost) http://tinyurl.com/yblbmvk (via @suthisa #
  • [RT @mrchrisaddison: @channel4news "Upsum?" Christ. Wash your keyboard out.] Exactly! I repeated the word out loud in disbelief. #
  • @caitlinmoran You THINK they’re crisps… in reply to caitlinmoran #
  • @mrstrefusis great wheeze! My gf tries to get me to do the same - it doesn’t work on me. in reply to mrstrefusis #
  • RT @charltonbrooker: Judging by EVERY ADVERT OF THE PAST THREE YEARS there’s a twee folk song mountain we’re still working our way through. #
  • @hjwebb Pork, Parsnips, Pears, Potatoes. All together in baking trays. Bit of rosemary, some peas. Bit J.O./’Pukka’ but easy. Helpful? in reply to hjwebb #
  • @hjwebb *same baking tray* I mean :) in reply to hjwebb #
  • @VictoriaPeckham Paul Smith stripes. (wondering if that’s the door equiv. of the comedy tie…) in reply to VictoriaPeckham #
  • @stephenfry ’s article on Apple’s iPad: The Mothership Prepares for Launch - TIME http://ow.ly/1txNo #
  • @KathViner Seriously, you should make ringtone/alarm of Brown doing the ‘Outside Now POSH Boy’ line. Make it from clips of Brown. vugh-i-RAL in reply to KathViner #
  • RT @johnprescott: Confirmation ‘Step Outside Posh Boy’ Tshirt/Guardian Dep Ed RT @KathViner We’re doing it in the Guardian this Saturday #
  • Are the railway workers on strike next week? Plans need to change if they are. I can’t work it out from the press. Any ideas? #
  • OK, I have the answer: BBC News - Rail strike plans cancelled after court injunction http://ow.ly/1tCxV #
  • OMG…… Big swear word live on air. Twice. [RT @krishgm: priceless Nicky Campbell moments! http://www.johnnyikon.com/t/10607 ] #
  • The Tapeworm: celebrating the growth and importance of the East End during the Industrial Revolution. #olympiceyesorenickname #
  • RT @laurashav: Audience Q for Now Show: what’s been your lamest family outing? Tag #nowshow & be FUNNY (and clean)-may get on air. Pls RT. #
  • What is it with the Eastender’s references to ’size of feet’? Crass. (gf’s watching it) #
  • RT @michaelgass: 59% of people are multitasking when watching TV -> MTV Developing ‘Co-Viewing’ Apps for the iPad http://adage.com/u/z0bqlb #
  • @indiaknight You said iPad! You buying an iPad? An iPAD! *lust face*… I want one. Also great homophone- someone thought I said “eye pad”. in reply to indiaknight #
  • @indiaknight In all honesty I want the second or third gen one -first gen ‘puter always suffers from awkwardness of hastily built IKEA :-/ in reply to indiaknight #
  • @Glinner I’ll give it a go *sharpens pencil* in reply to Glinner #
  • @Glinner Done poem. Just posting it so I can send you a link (it’s longer than 140 chars) in reply to Glinner #
  • @Glinner There you go - suitably try-hard I think? http://www.oliverpayne.co.uk/Glinnerpoem.html #
  • RT @Nudgeblog: Framing and loss aversion in a Chinese factory http://bit.ly/c25Ze4 #
  • RT @coolhunting: Our iPad app is live in the iTunes store! Check it out: http://bit.ly/9FQjNn #
  • [RT @TimWestwood: I'm in the Post Office in Norwich eating a sausage.] Who knows what this strange Hip-Hop slang means? #
  • RT @Nudgeblog: The Fun Theory picks a winner – it’s called the speed trap lottery http://bit.ly/bIOHKq #
  • RT @yelvington: Like finding a prize in Cracker Jacks! Buy a $60,000 Hyundai, get owner’s manual on an iPad. http://bit.ly/9tIpGb #
  • RT @maggiephilbin: interesting *Twitter accurate at predicting box office success?* http://bit.ly/9E1Pit (via @JamesonCultFilm) #
  • RT @dogmorf: Google Prepares For iPad With Five Services/Apps http://bit.ly/9O7mKW #
  • Do I like ashes to ashes? #
  • The Collapse of Complex Business Models via @Shirky http://shar.es/m2f6b /via @gapingvoid #
  • RT @jesus: ……. #
  • RT @charlesyeo: ‘70% Chance’ Apple Builds Its Own Search Engine In The Next Five Years http://ow.ly/1t0kc #

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