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[@oliverpayne] Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-04-12

By admin • Apr 12th, 2010 • Category: Twitter updates
  • http://ow.ly/1uKjJ #Google Auto-suggest suggests how far behavioral economics has come, and how far it still has to go #
  • @markwnek iPad? *envious face*. It rocks? in reply to markwnek #
  • @markwnek *sigh* (making list of important reasons how I need an iPad to augment my MacBook and iPhone) in reply to markwnek #
  • RT @MattRudd: @camillalong that goes for you too. Remember, Alien commissioned on basis of three-word pitch: JAWS IN SPACE #
  • .@markwnek - Baseball stats on your iPad? sweet. RT @brainpicker: Infographic timeline of history of pro baseball http://is.gd/bfOge #
  • iPad working with data from the #Nissan Leaf? (5 Green Apps We’re Excited About for the iPad) http://ow.ly/1uM1s #
  • RT @qikipedia: A lovely QI compilation show with lots of new bits is only an hour away. 8.30 on BBC1. Are you watching? #QIParty #
  • RT @iBlend: RT @mashable: The First iPad Compatible Vest is Here http://bit.ly/aFfRr8 - funny (fake?) #
  • IAB: Coke approaches social media as an army of one | Blog | Econsultancy http://ow.ly/1uNHx #
  • Branding Deals Come Early in the Filmmaking Process - NYTimes.com http://ow.ly/1uLIn #
  • Pencils made from human ashes - Boing Boing http://ow.ly/1uLKt #
  • RT @charlesyeo: Astronauts use Twitter to share experiences, photos from space http://ow.ly/1ve3m #
  • RT @OliBarrett: “It’s easier to get a plane to fly itself than to get a robot to fold a towel” (via @r4today) #
  • RT @bobbyllew: Just slightly excited about this weekend. I have a Tesla Roadster for the weekend, filming it for Gearless. #
  • @bobbyllew I think a lot more people will watch than you think. I’ll help the show! in reply to bobbyllew #
  • Outgoing Unilever CMO @sjclift warns of “lost generation” of analogue admen, says PR to benefit most from social media http://bit.ly/bCTFre #
  • RT @indiaknight: Are you in NE Somerset? Help @camillalong find Jacob Rees-Mogg, prospective, if bizarrely invisible, Tory candidate. #
  • RT @billt: Malcolm McLaren has died, age 64 - http://bit.ly/czM5JJ He certainly knew how to stir things up… sorry to see him go. #
  • WTF?!@? RT @WSJ: LinkedIn charts the growth of “ninja” and decline of “guru” job titles http://3.ly/8LaA Our story: http://on.wsj.com/byUIJ3 #
  • RT @DianaInHeaven: Now McLaren is trying to get Kenny Everett to do his comedy punk Gizzard Puke character for him. Odd. #
  • RT @TBWALONDON: Eleven tweets that shook the world: http://huff.to/cPabz1 (Via @Indysaha) #
  • @salihughes: Keith Lemon is utterly rubbish. #thisroastthing - yes, I never understood him. Ever. #
  • RT @cshirky: Wikileaks has had more scoops in 3 years than The Washington Post has had in 30. http://bit.ly/aa0c5f #
  • Ouch. Who is this? [RT @marketingeditor: Agencies – what one client really thinks of you « A media journo writes…] http://wp.me/pOaGm-1u #
  • RT @sustbehav: Interesting: just read about nudgephobia: the slippery slope of libertarian paternalism http://ow.ly/1vKXE ht @nudgeblog #
  • I think you’ve got mail? @mislip http://twitpic.com/1e9ocj - The very last of 30,000 leaflets is on way to Islip /via @LouiseBagshawe #
  • Train home. Just set off. Hour and a half to go. Are we there yet? Want sofa and wine. And my Sky+ #firstworldproblems #
  • Train home #firstworldproblems update: I now have coffee and shortbread. #firstworldpacifiers #
  • RT @scientist_no_1: RT Wasp sting inhibits cockroach voluntary locomotion. Venom works on the sub-esophageal ganglion… http://tl.gd/q6tfr #
  • [RT @salihughes: Watching #PDS. The love Starman's infant manager has for Andrew is so adoring. Pure Ted & Ralph] @glinner wrote sketches? #
  • RT @mislip: RT @infobeautiful The number of infographics I’ve seen this week is… http://bit.ly/bKGQi8 (you’ll like this @petite_a) #
  • The Forest is lovely this morning: everything is starting to bloom: it’s warm; the swollen river is back to it’s spring trickle. Privilaged #
  • RT @achrisevans: Been lent this little noiseless, fumeless gem. Very quick, spookily quiet. It’s a Tesla. http://tweetphoto.com/17886345 #
  • RT @gleonhard: wow: Platform lets anyone create and monetize an online school - Springwise http://ow.ly/1vDMh and http://www.supercoolschool.com #
  • TV Producers: As of midnight tonight, no more Flo & the Machine on TV promos ## Message Ends ## *panic phone calls to Scouting For Girls* #
  • Awkward family photos: “Once you’ve made it to South Dakota, well, you’ve made it to South Dakota.” and more. http://ow.ly/1×2EJ #
  • RT @wpstudios: RT @chadhorenfeldt Web users spend 69% of time viewing left half of page, 30% viewing right http://su.pr/1frh2y #

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