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[@oliverpayne] Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-04-19

By admin • Apr 19th, 2010 • Category: Twitter updates
  • @caitlinmoran @indiaknight OMG. The horror. Whip’s cracked today I imagine. #
  • Years old article. Still worth a read: “Bob Garfield’s Chaos Scenario 2.0 - Advertising Age - News” http://ow.ly/1×45e #advertising #media #
  • RT @hannahhw: Least loveable made-up PR word of the day: Awaycationing. As in vacationing in the old fashioned sense. Beyond yuk. #
  • I’m busy all week, and I STILL WANT TO DO MORE. I am a MACHINE *primal roar* Who wants a problem solved? That? Done. Next… #
  • RT @acumenfund: More people today have access to a cellphone than the UN says have to a clean toilet http://ow.ly/1xr5u (via @DougMcCracken) #
  • RT @tweetalondoncab: tweeting cabbies offer “night owl” Ask for night owl and your driver will wait until you are inside your front door. #
  • RT @julietmeyers: Cant help thinking: posh boy in a basement, pulling all-nighter, trying 2 finish The Conservative manifesto for tomorrow #
  • RT @BrentDPayne: Why doesn’t someone put a damn camera and mic facing the reader on an iPhone, iPad, etc.? It’d be awesome for video calls. #
  • RT @RichardWiseman: ‘Smiling helps you live longer’-another classic correlation vs causation error http://bit.ly/9KmVfZ via @nedatutu #
  • RT @MitchBenn: #philosophysongs Son Of A Nietszche Man #
  • @bobbyllew Much better. I like it. Does it need ‘Fully’ though? IMHO ‘Charged’ feels more like the epicenter of the subject. in reply to bobbyllew #
  • @sarahlmorgan advertorial similar to editorial policy of placement yes. Usually briefed by client or ad agency but written by mag or PR. in reply to sarahlmorgan #
  • @indiaknight if you have to ask, it’s not enough (re: begging) in reply to indiaknight #
  • RT @PSFK: Yeah, I love Mashable - but they seem to the ONLY folks banging on still about Google Wave http://su.pr/1zHUdz #google [Piers] #
  • RT @hwallop: Fact of day via @larmistead: ‘firearms policeman says SW11 has most no. of shotgun licenses per head in UK.’ #
  • Got big pres tomorrow on a subject I’m not 100% familiar with, in a private conference with 12 of the biggest potential clients. Love it. #
  • @MTFF Thank you! in reply to MTFF #
  • @mrstrefusis I feel Mr T’s future pain. More than one that’s happened to me, my gf, and our guests. OH! Polpo was on R4 today! v.exciting in reply to mrstrefusis #
  • @mrstrefusis talking about tapas becoming shorthand for ’small plates’ rather than true meaning of snack with drink. Polopo & cicchetti >> in reply to mrstrefusis #
  • >> discussed as authentic approach (amongst others) interviwed Richard (name?) of Polpo. Short, but pricked my ears! #
  • RT @SIRJoshuaToThee the KINGDOMs Airports Closeth due to a Cloud of ASH from ICELAND. Miss Kerry KATONA should Cut Down to EIGHT PACKs a DAY #
  • RT @CherylKerl: Had a freet whin a hoad t’dee’s news wuz aall aboot Ash. Bur Ah dirrent need tuh worry, torned oot nuthin very impotant leik #
  • Through combo of wrong ticket type+ confusion over irregular & infrequent trains I spent 2h at Waterloo. Felt like Tom Hanks in The Terminal #
  • H #
  • @mrstrefusis yeah i know - by a lot too? 41%. is it the studio audience? in reply to mrstrefusis #
  • RT @VivGroskop: @mrstrefusis Sky poll: Cameron 40%, Clegg 33%, Brown 27% RT C4 audience: Clegg 52%, Brown 31%, Cameron 16% #leadersdebate #
  • @mrstrefusis *don’t think it’s a fix, no. why are we whispering?* in reply to mrstrefusis #
  • @mrstrefusis *Oh I see. Imagine if all the country’s children wake for debates and stare at telly. Freaky thought. (Ferrage loud on QT btw)* in reply to mrstrefusis #
  • brilliant #qt #
  • I am/am not a contrarian #
  • @mrchrisaddison It’s the ‘ABC’ answer structure: Acknowledge, Bridge, Control. Vaguely remember R4 piece on it. in reply to mrchrisaddison #
  • @mrchrisaddison Yes, do: I find it fascinating now I know. Slippery buggers. in reply to mrchrisaddison #
  • [RT @VivGroskop: #ff has to be @Nick_Clegg, right?] After last night’s performance it has to be #followthatcameronandbrownfriday ? lol #
  • RT @channel4news: Eurostar sold out all services Ldn-Paris today; say no go to St Pancras if no ticket; w/e will be very busy too #ashtag #
  • Odd world [RT @indiaknight: Really? RT @WilliamJHague:Very amusing seeing hardened lobby correspondents crowding Gary Barlow for autographs] #
  • @indiaknight Yes, the whole world’s a few degrees off true today: Ash/Planes/Clegg/Barlow. Like acid trip - recognisable yet distant. in reply to indiaknight #
  • @indiaknight Shonky. Apposite. in reply to indiaknight #
  • RT @channel4news: Scot airport restrictions expect lifted after 1900 today, lockdown in England & Wales extended > 0700 Saturday #ashtag #
  • RT @gracedent: if the Lib Dems get in it’s going to be like King Ralph. #
  • @indiaknight maybe so, but they won’t look - or more importantly feel - wrong when it’s 1 degree C tonight *iphone weather app face* in reply to indiaknight #
  • RT @jamescwatson: London taxi firm Addison Lee says it has received requests for cab journeys as far away as Paris, Zurich and Milan #ashtag #
  • RT @shitmydadsays:”I’m not sure you can call that roughing it, son…for one,there was a fucking minivan parked 40ft from your sleeping bags” #
  • RT @sarah_cawood: What’s the difference between the Icelandic volcano and Cheryl Cole? The volcano is still blowing ash (via @thegoodthebad) #
  • @gillalexander :( I’m SO last year.com in reply to gillalexander #
  • @sarahchurchwell I’m staying up for this! in reply to sarahchurchwell #
  • @Floheiss some of it filmed in docklands before development I think too. Sky’s SO flat - obvs whe I heard about it too. in reply to Floheiss #
  • @sarahchurchwell game’s BACK on! in reply to sarahchurchwell #
  • @sarahchurchwell brilliantly tweeter. Hope the hon not too miffed at your tapping. Sad situation, it seemed. in reply to sarahchurchwell #
  • @sarahchurchwell ahhh, all makes more sense now. Sounded quie US drama-y. Bench seats threw me - you don’t usuallyget that in Wagamama’s,lol in reply to sarahchurchwell #
  • @sarahchurchwell perfect position. If the food was as delicious as the eaves-dropping you’ve had a good time! Was worth staying up for here in reply to sarahchurchwell #
  • RT @JayOatway: Instant Replay: Google’s new tool let’s you rewind twitter activity to see how a story unfolded - http://bit.ly/9SnN6V #
  • RT @thehistoryguy (Dan Snow): going to Calais tomorrow to bring people home. have fleet of 5 speed boats. See twitter.com/calaisrescue #
  • RT @tweetalondoncab: offering fixed price shared taxi scheme-Hyde Park Corner to Dover/Portsmouth Ferry Ports @£44 (cont) http://tl.gd/tdk64 #
  • RT @iainlee: RT @NokkonWud If you find a video on YouTube you like, insert ‘kick; infront of YouTube (so http://www.kickyoutube.com) and download. #
  • @francescajlewis *eavesdropping* might be Lette (Kathy)… thinking about it though - she was the ‘towerblock (inc. satellite dishes)’ in reply to francescajlewis #
  • @deborahdunnett Oops. I read your cry for help as ‘please send CHIPS’. Your request for SHIPS much more sensible. Although, a good chip… in reply to deborahdunnett #

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