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[@oliverpayne] Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-04-26

By admin • Apr 26th, 2010 • Category: Twitter updates
  • RT @channel4news / @benjamincohen UK Advertising spend grow/ first time in 2 yrs/ it’s going online: Google & Facebook http://bit.ly/aX6Wwo #
  • *NEW* Google: logically flawed? | The Hunting Dynasty | http://bit.ly/98DhF3 #
  • @helenahalme @mrstrefusis I love maps too - I sometimes ‘read’ an atlas. I feel like I’ve stumbled upon a support group. >> #
  • >> a new blog called ‘Map: my love’ where everyone can document maps they find and love - so we all have a ‘map’ of our obsession? #
  • @helenahalme @mrstrefusis YES the iPhone pin drop, lol. An addict’s needle for sure. #
  • @iamMarkRonson ermm, I think it’s a homophonic joke. ‘Hiver ‘ is the French word for winter: ‘Iver’ a sound-a-like. in reply to iamMarkRonson #
  • @iamMarkRonson (possibly the only two things I know about musician’s names) Bon Jovi is homophone of Bongiovi - John’s orig name. in reply to iamMarkRonson #
  • @mrstrefusis OMG! download Google Earth onto your iPhone (if you haven’t already). If you love the pin drop you’ll want to MARRY this one! #
  • [RT @RGA: Apple employee had one too many and left a prototype 4G in a bar? Likelier: the phone grew legs... #staged] Thought same. #
  • @mrstrefusis I don’t think limit is enforceable on the M3. Pretty sure… in reply to mrstrefusis #
  • BORING #newsnight #
  • @mrstrefusis missed other map show - thank heavens for iplayer, innit :) in reply to mrstrefusis #
  • @RobinWightUK Interesting idea (@aVoiceFrom2015) - very engaging. It’s one way of marketing using twitter that I hadn’t thought of. in reply to RobinWightUK #
  • RT @RufusHound: Hey! Floella Benjamin is on here too! This is the greatest Twitter Morning (Tworning) of my life! @FloellaBenjamin #
  • RT @hwallop: Nice idea from Nat Trust. Stranded foreign tourists stuck in GB free entry to NT property - turn up w/ plane ticket + passport #
  • RT @bethehurricane: Ocado iPhone app accounts for 5% of orders: http://bit.ly/bplOt8 #
  • @steverubel @JohnBorthwick (re:79% twwet’s length less than 120). Prob equaets to 1 or 2 words removed rather than loads of space left, no? in reply to steverubel #
  • acronym, anacronym (lost) recursive acronym (acronym in acronym), apronym (meaningful), and bacronyms (post-rational) http://bit.ly/ayU7aD #
  • @jojomoyes smack addict in mine - mid-hit. Inc driving licence. #
  • Things I checked today: Licence noun (I have licence), License verb (I am licensed to… ). StationEry/Envelope, Stationary/movement. #
  • RT @indiaknight: Fifty Lady GaGa covers from YouTube. Totally great. Note to my publisher: I’m working really hard today. http://is.gd/bAJW0 #
  • Blimey: #Toyota doing some brave promotion/#advertising/#digital work in conjunction with #Tweetmeme http://toyotaconversations.com/ #
  • #Developer s? (If you’re not, this link will be B-O-R-I-N-G). I need a job done - I posted it on #elance http://bit.ly/d9ech5 #
  • #iPhone devs? (another B-O-R-I-N-G lin k if you’re not). Got a projecct on #elance http://bit.ly/9pzoB9 #
  • @VictoriaPeckham [RT @channel4news: BA tell Channel 4 News "some" of their inbound flights will be diverted to Europe tonight. #ashtag] #
  • @mrstrefusis Oops. You could poss sneak off for more maps on BBC 4? in reply to mrstrefusis #
  • @deborahdunnett [RT @channel4news: Ash crisis: all UK airports to reopen - see video of Lord Adonis's statement http://ow.ly/1AWIQ #ashtag] #
  • RT @tbush: Cool - Zipcar and Streetcar are joining forces! Awesome news! #
  • RT @FuelLines: New Advertising Study: Marketers to spend more on digital than print this year http://dld.bz/akSW #
  • @indiaknight Oh! I’m listening to #radio4 already. I’m expecting ‘my Leige’ in the convo somewhere, lol in reply to indiaknight #
  • @indiaknight Autonomy! Brill. My mother is a genius like that - arrives with bundles of stuff (food, flowers, wine), and makes her own fun. #
  • This chair takes minimalism to another level - Holy Kaw! http://ow.ly/1B8×5 #
  • RT @channel4news: RT @mzeecedric: wow, now poss to rebook @klm flights on facebook! #klm doing a good job using socialmedia. #ashtag #
  • RT @salihughes: RT @mrjonmacqueen: It’s the personal touches from Virgin Media that mean so much. http://twitpic.com/1h8wsm #
  • @caitlinmoran make the volcano the celebrity? in reply to caitlinmoran #
  • Oh! Sliders! Interactive: National carbon calculator - can you cut UK emissions? | Environment | guardian.co.uk http://ow.ly/1B8Wk #
  • The Green Party are on #Radio4. They’re nuts: legalising ALL recreational drugs? Idiotic. *shakes head* #
  • to all with iPhones. Some of The Lonely Planet city guides are currently going for free on the AppStore - just search for ‘Lonely Planet’ #
  • RT @sambaintv: Great line to shout at drivers who dawdle at traffic lights (as used on my wife): ‘That’s as green as it’s going to get.’ #
  • @Rylie83 YAY! in reply to Rylie83 #
  • Brain teaser: I walked from Winchester to Basingstoke to get a cup of coffee. Why? #
  • RT @giagia: Comic Sans. #NickCleggsFault /cc @Connare #
  • A Periodic Table of Visualization Methods http://ow.ly/1B9IF #
  • Shame / M. Mclaren- my 1st via Bow wow wow (too young 4 punk at time). But he was such a child on TV show The Baron took edge off for me :( #
  • RT @agencyspy: Hitler memes from ‘downfall’ to be removed from youtube. http://bit.ly/avGUVQ #brandfail #
  • It’s all about popular content (as it always has been): [Sims 3 and Renault announce product-placement deal http://bit.ly/auKW9g #
  • MUCH tighter debate tonight. Good. Here come the googlies though... #Leadersdebate #
  • RT @EmmaK67: Unconfirmed reports explosion on OXford Street http://bit.ly/9MoOGY (via @SaliWho) #
  • Too late to register Gleggie. 'Get stuck in' raised a smile though #leadersdebate #
  • [RT @campbellclaret: Boulton breaking rules with his reference to Clegg Telegraph story?] #leadersdebate #
  • OUTRAGEOUS Iannucci! [RT @AIannucci: #leadersdebate She thought about giving Clegg her number. Didn't she?] #
  • @richardpbacon [RT @caitlinmoran: RT @C4election: http://ow.ly/1BTEE Current scores: Nick Clegg 66%, Gordon Brown 23% David Cameron 12%] #
  • @sarahchurchwell Welcome (adopted)home! [ Brown seems to be closing. C4 News has Clegg 47; Brown 32; Cameron 21 now] #
  • Cameron’s ‘if I’m your Prime Minister’ schtick is like a watching an NLP 101 infomercial. Gossamer thin. #leadersdebate #
  • We got ourselves an E-LEC-SHUn #leadersdebate #
  • [RT @salihughes: Well, Brown and Clegg just handed Cameron his ass on a plate. Fact. #leadersdebate ] It seems so. Advisers in frantic mode? #
  • [RT @laverneshow: My Dad arrived about twenty minutes ago and since then it's just been shouting. What did I miss?] lol #
  • RT @timesjoanna: 67% of @timesonline live audience say Cameron performed better this week. http://bit.ly/c5TP2d #leadersdebate #
  • channel 501 Sky Milliband/Ashdown slanging match #leadersdebate #
  • Oh. FInished #redface #leadersdebate #
  • Sky channel 501 backstage after debate like angry Oscar’s party #leadersdebate #
  • @10Yetis Some Scottish man? That’s The LEADER OF THE SNP! in reply to 10Yetis #
  • RT @alexismadrigal: This may have just convinced me to use @foursquare: http://bit.ly/c8Rmqd #
  • RT @OneShow: The One Show is 35 years old! This is the call for entry from 1975! #advertising #design
    #awards http://twitpic.com/1hlkx4 #
  • Curiosities: Crayon Art http://ow.ly/1C56x #
  • @indiaknight MINDY! hilair (not for you I’m sure). I once saw an old deaf homoepath who though I was called ‘Ivor Payne’ *grimace* in reply to indiaknight #
  • @indiaknight … and I once got a letter back from the UK Acupuncture Society addressed to ‘Ivor Payne’ *I live in a rubbish sitcom face* in reply to indiaknight #
  • Boris Johnson on St George’s Day: England gave the world “gravity, corkscrews, rugby, hockey, DNA, Morris dancing, ping pong and custard” #
  • @indiaknight proper Carry On, excluding the busty nurse :( I tried to correct deaf homeopath but he kept repeating ‘Yes yes, Ivor, IVOR!’ in reply to indiaknight #
  • @indiaknight Should we have a day of our alternate names? Mindy, @deborahdunnett you get Donna. Ivor for me, obvs. Like porn name (but not) in reply to indiaknight #
  • RT @krishgm: @indiaknight I always wanted to interview raj persaud about martin bashir, just to prove we are in fact 3 different people #
  • SIMILE Widgets | Free, Open-Source Data Visualization Web Widgets, and More http://ow.ly/1CadP #
  • Alice for the iPad Shows Why E-Books Are Cool http://ow.ly/1CcXx #
  • RT @krishgm: Sun Tel says Con 35 Lab 26 LD 31. Sun Mirror says Con 32 Lab 23 LD 32. News of the World Con 36 Lab 30 LD 23 #
  • @hjwebb OH! you have an invite to the Queen’s garden party - and a plus one… #
  • #Foursquare #Wordpress Plugin – Andrew Mager http://ow.ly/1CL9t .@Rylie83 .@cubo #
  • Brilliant! [RT @mislip: "he's the boss!" screams my daughter at the bloke in the garage, pointing at me. Too right.] #
  • @bohellberg find a sixth that they won’t fuck up? in reply to bohellberg #
  • RT @justinmoorhouse: Love how pic says strictly embargoed - what does that mean? http://yfrog.com/5m6u2pj /via @Fino76 #

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