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Toyota’s Tweeting Triumph

By admin • Apr 25th, 2010 • Category: News / Updates / Thinking

Toyota’s new twitter-fueled banners are interesting: they got trounced with their recent worldwide recall with transparency being the greatest problem and criticism. This tie-up with Tweetmeme is one hell of a way to come back.

Toyota have launched a new Twitter-based portal called Toyota Conversations. It pulls in twitter conversations about Toyota - positive or negative - and displays them in a portal and on banners. Clever to use the Tweememe base, because if Toyota tried to create the experience from scratch, it most likely couldn’t replicate the Tweetmeme model efficiently.

Is this how to use twitter for business?

Of course they’re not the only ones to use user-generation to promote themselves - skittles did it a while back, as did DHL. But I think Toyota’s is more brave (if not a little less aesthetically pleasing than it could be).

What the Tweetmeme Toyota Portal Looks Like Under the Hood Written by Marshall Kirkpatrick / March 2, 2010 / Read Write Web »

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