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[@oliverpayne] Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-05-17

By admin • May 17th, 2010 • Category: Twitter updates
  • RT @MrsLard: I’d like to see Malcolm Tucker sent in to sort out the hung parliament horse-trading. #
  • Ant & Dec now officially referred to as ‘Ant & Dec on the left’, and ‘Ant & Dec on the right’ #inthispowervaccumsomeonehastocommandthenation #
  • @EmmaK67 @indiaknight Wow, x3. in reply to EmmaK67 #
  • Room now for a Milliband/Lib Dem coalition #
  • Blimey [RT @belle_lulu: RT @stephenfry: @pauljchambers Happy to pay your fine for you #twitterjoketrial << Wow!!! ] #
  • RT @giagia: RT @krishgm So not only did TV Leaders Debates not change voting intentions, the next PM might not even have taken part in them #
  • Former young Conservative? [RT @KathViner: Yes, as @rhodri and @indiaknight say, why IS Nick Robinson so very cross right now?] #
  • LMAO! [Can we have a "Grumpy Guide to the Grumpy Format" next? #jumpedtheshark /via @giagia ] #
  • Special Britain’s Got Talent episode to decide next Labour leader #whateveritcouldhappenanythingcouldhappennowfrankly #
  • @daveknockles You’re funny, witty, clever - except that load of c words. Take the edge off IMHO. Still following though. in reply to daveknockles #
  • @GussetMuncher has put me in a twitter list of his/hers/theirs called fudge-javelins. *confused face* Ermmm *VERY confused face* #
  • .@heywhipple #ff (I’m getting in early.) Autho(u)r of Hey Whipple, Squeeze This - a book you should read if you’re in advertising. #
  • @VivGroskop HH did leave a TINY bit of wiggle room on Newsnight: need stable dep leader, so won’t run for leader in reply to VivGroskop #
  • RT @KathViner: All the Kay Burley and Adam Boulton videos in full: RT @Dorianlynskey RT @Swineshead http://bit.ly/drNcyW #
  • Birds sing using quartertones that we can’t hear. #
  • LOL!! [Is it constitutionally correct or even possible for the Queen to do this without @caitlinmorans say so? /via @TheLilacTime ] #
  • @richardpbacon bit like when Blairs had to scrabble for a taxi at train station after his resignation. How quickly the paraphernalia falls in reply to richardpbacon #
  • @alasdairscott yes very true. Dignified. The next few days his legacy will be defined - his sadness less so. in reply to alasdairscott #
  • 5 min kip over on Sky - replaying Gordo’s resignation #
  • That scooter outrider on cameron’s motocade sign of austere times… #
  • I was 24 last time we had Tory Gov. Feels weird. I don’t think I like it. #
  • No outriders? Odd. #
  • The first botoxed Prime Minister? #smoothheeeeed #
  • @indiaknight India! lol in reply to indiaknight #
  • Sweet! [RT @FeriaSpicePower: 9yr old just said," Does this mean that Mr Brown turns back into a normal man again?"] #
  • [RT @danielmaier: Hope it's going to be like Masterchef under Wallace & Torode, worry it'll be like Liverpool under Houllier & Evans.] #
  • I just got a new suit from Mister Byrite [RT @deborahdunnett: Bollocks I just splashed Um Bongo all over my jumpsuit.] #backtothe80s #
  • Watching replay of Cleggeron double act - it’s all new, new, new. New Not Labour? #election #
  • John Terry’s tucked his foot. (Is NOTHING off limits to that man?) #worldcupsoonsocratesbeeronspecial #
  • John Terry’s fucked his foot. (Is NOTHING off limits to that man?) #iphonespellcheckwentallprimandproper #
  • Identity cards gone? [ But this is unquestionably good: http://bit.ly/dlmdaa (ht @jonswaine) /via @hwallop ] #
  • Everytime I hear the word ‘fewer’ (correctly) used in place of ‘less’ I get a little thrill #wordnerd #
  • When I close my eyes I see scrolling text. I have burnt retinews #lame #
  • *turn over to Junior Apprentice* “…he’s, like, one of my favourite chefs…” *turn back* #juniorapprentice #
  • @williamjhague & @nick_clegg had someone update their twitter profiles already. #
  • @koopstakov in his 1st job he offered to work for 1/2 pay of incumbent for 6mnths to test his skills. He’s a deal-maker IMHO (i’m ex saachi) in reply to koopstakov #
  • RT @mrchrisaddison: Nice piece by @LucyMangan on learning to live with the Tories. http://j.mp/9zqSN5 (better formatted> http://ow.ly/1KtMm) #
  • @hwallop Interesting point. Seems online brands’ success more about function than promise: eBay, Amazon. *thinking* Skittles soc media camp? in reply to hwallop #
  • What Skittles Did Next…: C&M* http://ow.ly/1KtU0 #
  • ADULTS on the radio talking about how they’ve set up glee clubs, because of the show Glee. 40yo accountants, etc. I blame the new coalition. #
  • @SimonSwears if ‘Bloody gimp’ is the best you can do I might have to unfollow in reply to SimonSwears #
  • ‘Pork it!’, and other 7 Websites You Need to Stop Building (including the ‘new’ Facebook) - The Oatmeal http://ow.ly/1Ky5V #web #
  • AHHHHHHHHH I’m behind on Sky+ *fingers in ears* hang on *turns off Twitter* #bbcqt #
  • “First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, and then you post it on Twitter.”
    Mahatma Gandhi /via @dailydreamer92 #
  • @mrstrefusis oh no. Really? I’m on the cusp of twunk too. And home alone. *gets sledge hammer from barn, lines up all working TVs* :-/ in reply to mrstrefusis #
  • @mrstrefusis *wail* I’mgoing the more-wine-feeling-shouty route. IT’S HESTL-TIME! (Still got it ;-)) in reply to mrstrefusis #
  • .@SamAtRedmag @sarahchurchwell: Melanie Phillips is what a well-educated Sarah Palin] Well educated? Eloquent, at best, no? #bbcqt in reply to SamAtRedmag #
  • @mrstrefusis lol. More luck than judgement, I fear *suprised face* x in reply to mrstrefusis #
  • @sarahchurchwell @SamAtRedmag Compared to Palin, she’s freakin Heidegger] brilliant. And scary. #bbcqt #
  • Q - Is it new politics when most of cabinet are… Oxbridge? #bbcqt /via @bbcquestiontime] urgh! you don’t get there without working hard. #
  • @mrstrefusis have a lava-like bath. You’ll be warm for a week! in reply to mrstrefusis #
  • @VictoriaCoren comfy +1! #
  • @mrstrefusis Ipley Towers’ similar. I’d go and sleep with the horses - straw is LOVELY and warm. in reply to mrstrefusis #
  • Brown shortest ever serving Labour Prime Minister *didn’tknowface* #
  • @HarpoHonks lol, Ta Harpo. @sarahchurchwell was right. in reply to HarpoHonks #
  • A lovely Tumblr account of a sabbatical: Emma in Thailand http://ow.ly/1L0X6 #
  • @indiaknight I was checking yesterday and I think I saw some at Shoreditch House #notcalibratedwithyourrequirementssoguessingwhatyouwant in reply to indiaknight #
  • @indiaknight just ring AA. You can join and then use it right away. I did it (but a decade ago, so no come back if they’ve changed!) in reply to indiaknight #
  • Blimey…. sex tourists? [RT @BenShaw: Travelocity Says Chatroulette Marketing Works http://ow.ly/1LvCW ] #
  • @JOJEHARVEY re: Alahans/’s/s’ - depends how many people legally own the biz, not how many work there. ’s if one Alahan is owner, s’ if many. in reply to JOJEHARVEY #
  • @jamescwatson something about mini babybel collapsing? #notreallyintocricketanditshows in reply to jamescwatson #
  • #twunk #
  • Me too! [Oh my God. I remember this SO vividly. And yes, did think...boy? girl? It was WONDERFUL. #worriedabouttheboy /via @gillalexander ] #

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