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[@oliverpayne] Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-06-28

By admin • Jun 28th, 2010 • Category: Twitter updates
  • RT @boydhilton: Federer 2 sets to 0 down. World goes mad. Again. #wimbledon #
  • RT @markwnek: In close-ups HD has clarity that exposes your soul, eg. Graeme McDowell clearly lovely, Ronaldo clearly a nasty piece of work #
  • [RT @RebeccaFront: Been to a screening of Grandma's House, the Simon Amstell sitcom for BBC2. Looking good. Goes out around Sept.] #
  • Brilliant: Lewis & Jenson, one car, no team - Vodafone http://ow.ly/2263N #
  • @sarahchurchwell urgh. I did that the otherweekend. Sat night. Gf away. No way in, no car keys. Used a hammer. Very messy :( in reply to sarahchurchwell #
  • RT @Henry_Leon: If Eng. win say “Love’s got the world in Motion” when paying aft. 6pm at any Leon & we’ll knock 40% off yr eat-in food bill. #
  • RT @iboy: Do you hear that? It’s the sound of productivity slowly gringing to a halt all across England. #WC2010 #
  • I’m learning to play the piano using youtube. It’s as ineffective as it sounds. #
  • RT @jojomoyes: Live-blog of today’s #Wimbledon / @XanBrooks /Guardian: http://bit.ly/a2HARQ (/ @fuggirls) BRILLIANT from 5.25pm onwards. #
  • Ooops… RT @mediaguardian: Grand Prix ad winner stripped of prize http://bit.ly/cgi7Id #
  • @bohellberg r n r under rated IMHO. I’d join you but things picking up :) in reply to bohellberg #
  • RT @CandaceKuss / @PlanningDDB: DDB Stockholm won silver, gold & Cyber Grand Prix with VW The Fun Theory! :http://bit.ly/9mA86U #canneslions #
  • @caitlinmoran or spotting slyly named wifi- ‘we can hear you havin sex’ I remeber seeing in article, lol in reply to caitlinmoran #
  • @daddycaniburnit lol - trying to learn piano by watching ‘Play em off’ cat! Sounds like episode of 3rd Rock from the Sun… in reply to daddycaniburnit #
  • RT @tancopsey: rt @markthomasinfo Apparently residents of Stockholm are using the phrase Clegg Syndrome these days. #
  • Stupid boy! Got scammed. Spent £100 on tickets for all-day gig in Hyde Park on Sat from a faker site. Trying to find real tickets now… #
  • JWT’s with a Gold Lion for Heineken: Made to Entertain Soccer Prank (video) - Creativity Online http://ow.ly/22ByO #
  • @DavidonDemand Stop. This a decade old tactic that was only of note back then because it hadn’t been tried before. Repeat this out loud. in reply to DavidonDemand #
  • @zebrafish700 Ahh, nice call. The fakes are non-existent I’m afraid :( so no chance of in at moment. You well? in reply to zebrafish700 #
  • eBay scavenging for Hyde Park tickets. I can think of better ways to spend my time. #
  • @Floheiss *boxcontentsenvyface* in reply to Floheiss #
  • @Glinner Rockin. As usual. in reply to Glinner #
  • True. It’s brill: [RT @EmmaK67: The Grace Dent live blog is kicking comedy ARSE. Read it. SHE FUNNY http://bit.ly/9YGuSM ] #
  • @helenium If someone;s going to jump on your twitter and pretend to be you, they should not mix up the homophones. (that’s a T-Shirt for ya) in reply to helenium #
  • FINALLY… Albarn stops playing all the stuff found down the cracks and brings out a Glasto-appropriate song… #glasto #
  • Hidden Tea Room is a private underground restaurant in London, which hosts Traditional Champagne Afternoon Teas. | http://ow.ly/23ylv #
  • Was thinking I should’ve organised watching this game out and about. Now quite glad I’m at home #quietlyturnoffthetellyandwalkaway #
  • 11 more english men have just joined the spectators #eng #
  • Oh. Ja! #
  • I wasn’t looking when Germany scored their goals, so it’s 1-0 to us #fifalogic #
  • We never had a chance with the Muller counter-attack - we only heard about the Muller Corner… #
  • Embarrassing now. #
  • Fabi-go #worldcup #
  • @dylansmith ALL of the blame to be honest, just cheap gag :( in reply to dylansmith #
  • @crazycolours the ex-local radio DJ is Hammond, the one who likes real ale is May. I think you can work it out from there :) #topgear in reply to crazycolours #

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