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[@oliverpayne] Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-07-02

By admin • Jul 2nd, 2012 • Category: Twitter updates
  • Good luck tomorrow @pauljchambers @crazycolours and of course, @davidallengreen #twitterjoketrial (also, @article19org) #
  • @watsoncomedian Synchronises sleep-awake patterns in the tribe to
    maximise hunting efficiency. Or
    So I heard/read somewhere. #
  • I’m at The Regency Hotel Dublin (Dublin, Ireland) http://t.co/wtimQC7t #
  • n.b. bell=big ben “@Debretts: Parliament clock tower, home of Big Ben, renamed Elizabeth Tower honour Diamond Jubilee http://t.co/P94mmHnx#
  • I’m at Terminal 2 (Dublin, Co. Dublin) w/ 7 others http://t.co/XhU3Zb2X #
  • Ad about OCD on Youtube || ‘You Might Need To Press Play More Than Once…’ http://t.co/Ssxdhqx5 #Ihavetohavethetellyvolumeonevennumbers #
  • Brilliant! “@FactCheck: New on FactCheck: Boris, chastity, the Nazis and the Olympic rings… http://t.co/0ZTHpXji#
  • Yesyesyes“@vincentfranklin: The final 3 eps of Twenty Twelve will be offered up on Tuesdays 10th, 17th and 24th July #incaseyoureinterested” #
  • London, 2012 http://t.co/ga74wmRu #
  • I’m at The Rake (Borough, Greater London) http://t.co/Cof2L2z6 #
  • I’m at Tas Restaurant (Camberwell, Greater London) http://t.co/OBiw1M6H #
  • Gosh “@seanafraser: @BBC6Breakfast @shaunwkeaveny Today’s the day that Marty McFly goes forward in time to in Back To The Future. NO WAY!!!” #
  • @daddycaniburnit yeah me too. Also, I remember this happened last year. Someone photoshopping it. (Think 2015 in film?) #
  • @daddycaniburnit but of course! Soonest for booze; will consult calendar :) #
  • Nominative determinism x 2! “@m2comms: The Barclays CEO is called Rich Ricci. Really he had no option but to become a banker.” #
  • True. “@theJeremyVine: David Beckham, spotted minutes ago outside Stuart Pearce’s house: http://t.co/s5jf5k7H | via @HylandIan #london2012#
  • “@BBCNewsnight: Nobel prize winning economist Joseph Stiglitz on #newsnight tonight. Also Angela Merkel’s Environment Minister, Altmaier” #
  • Sounds sensible, yep . . . RT @PolpoSoho: Haha! Like it. RT @dbrown_Esq: Think I’ll go for a quiet coffee at Bar Italia… #
  • Italy’s Sovereign Debt rate dropped a few % points, perhaps? :) RT @dbrown_Esq: @polposoho Gosh. Did I miss something? http://t.co/LYsp9kWJ #
  • Congrats! RT @juliahobsbawm: Am i happy or what: Media Woman of the Year. Cannot believe it but here I am. #fwa2012 http://t.co/E6pulUbW #

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