Oliver Payne

Behavioural insight & comms consultant

2008-2004 Ogilvy

The consumer isn’t an idiot, she’s your wife

After half a decade with some of the World’s biggest brands in one of the World’s largest advertising networks, Ogilvy teaches you to look after the small stuff: After all, that’s what makes the biggest difference.

David Ogilvy’s Direct Marketing approach - and the Agency he built in his name - is curiously entirely relevant to today’s frenetic online world. This article entitled 7 Blogging Tips from David Ogilvy by The Blog Herald is one of many examples of Ogilvy’s relevance in today’s world. All of us owe him a lot.

As an Associate Creative Partner and Board member of OgilvyOne, I created and directed campaigns for Cisco, Sunsilk, Cancer Research UK, BP, Ford, Yahoo!, IBM, Castrol, British Gas, and Avis. Although, it always seems like there’s a thousand more clients; mostly because there are; and mostly because all 1,300 Ogilvy Group employees can call on the other 1,299 for help. And they do. Which is why I was lucky enough to direct or conceive work that won pitches for easyJet, Avis, Chiquita and Castrol business.

The account-winning Avis work was an on-and-offline collaboration that saw us write work in all disciplines, and won us a Gold at the Interactive Direct Marketing awards. The Cancer Research UK work delivered the best results for any of their previous campaigns - and Gold at Cannes. Each interactive TV spot for Ford has been more successful than any previously done at Ogilvy.

Consistently good work for BP brought a Cannes finalist as well as a D&AD book entry to the agency - the first ever interactive D&AD for Ogilvy. And to continue on the theme of firsts, my Cisco work - which includes a live broadcast into an online ad space - is a world first. This work also won a Grand Prix, another first for interactive work at Ogilvy.

I lead BP digital from 2005 with Ruth Adair, Max Vinall - and since 2006 - with my partner, Pavlos Themistocleous; primarily globally, including Corporate, Fuels, Rally and services brands. We picked up worldwide recognition with clients, within Ogilvy, and in awards.

I also established working relationships across the Ogilvy group for healthcare clients, and consulted on lots of pieces of Ogilvy Group business.

It was lots of fun. There was some pain. But it was mostly fun. And the agency bar was pretty cool too.

I left Ogilvy in Jan 2009 as an Associate Creative Partner, and Board member of OgilvyOne, London.

Avis: The €1 million side effect »

Not only did we achieve our brand objectives - seeing significant shifts on key image attributes: ‘Avis are always coming up with new ideas’, a 20% uplift in purchase intent and an 18% uplift in recommendation likelihood - we also generated €1 million of incremental revenue at an ROI of 3:1. Not bad for a campaign that was intended to shift brand perceptions rather than generate short term revenue [...]

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In unprompted association with Euro 2004 amongst exposed users Cisco was the most mentioned brand (16%) with Coca-Cola - one of the official sponsors of the tournament - beaten into second place (9.3%). We were also the first advertiser to take ownership of The Telegraph’s 404 and Log-in pages: If you don’t ask, you don’t get [...]

Judge at D&AD in 2008

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