Oliver Payne

Behavioural insight & comms consultant

‘04 Cancer Research UK

Idea Generation | Art Direction

We needed to gain new regular donors for Cancer Research UK to help with ongoing research into cancer, as well as safeguard the future of life-saving research into the cause, methods of prevention and detection, and treatments for breast cancer.

We dramatised real-life stories and events around the ‘I Shouldn’t Be Here’ campaign, featuring people who owe their lives to treatment developed in the past few years. TV and press drove awareness while posters, radio, direct mail, legal fly-posting and ambient media drove the response.

TNS tracking showed that campaign outtake was ‘progress’ and ‘hope’, contributing significantly to over £8 million pounds and 200,000 new regular monthly donors. There was an increase in the willingness to donate from 13% to 19%.

The breadth of this integrated campaign isn’t shown here. Other teams produced press, poster, tube cards, and even a bench. My Partner and I created only the work shown here.

“The great news is that overall the campaign delivered a CPA… [that’s] 18% better than target… Unique visitors to the website were 4 times higher than during the [previous agency’s] …campaign…with half the spend level.“

Erica North, Business Director, Ogilvy London

Creative directors: Colin Nimick, Paul Hargreaves , Lino Ribolla
Art directors: Charlie Wilson, Paul Hargreaves, John Trainor, Oliver Payne
Copywriters: Emma de la Fosse, Colin Nimick, Cara Hickey, David Shearer, Rae Stones
Account directors: Alison Squire, Erica North