Oliver Payne

Behavioural insight & comms consultant

‘04 Cisco, Euro 2004

“[In]…unprompted association … Cisco … [was] the most mentioned brand (16%) with Coca-Cola - one of the official sponsors of the tournament - beaten into second place (9.3%).”


Idea Generation | Art Direction

“[OgilvyInteractive is] the first advertiser to take ownership of The Telegraph’s 404 and Log-in pages… an almost unique modal moment when the user is acutely aware of online Security (sic)…“


Cisco is not well known among the business audience for their leadership in technologies other than networking. To address this, Cisco have developed a strategy for increasing awareness of their four main product areas. Security is one of those areas.

The agency was briefed to capitalise on attention around the Euro 2004 football tournament to drive consideration and preference of Cisco Security products among business decision makers.

The digital campaign was built around sponsorship of the Euro 2004 section of the Telegraph online. Flash-based banners using streaming video challenged readers’ knowledge and skill of how to maintain a secure defence.

Additional Flash banners also invited users to take penalty shots at an impenetrable goal and highlighted the benefits of containing attacks against your network.

Each execution used the football context to remind the audience of Cisco’s expertise in self-defence. This message was then extended to key moments during the user’s interaction with the site through animated Gifs. These ‘moments of truth’ were built into the secure login pages and 404 error pages of the site to dramatise the need for security against human error.

In addition to the digital creative, the campaign included press ads, 10″ sponsorship idents on Bloomberg TV, taxi super-sides and 6 sheet posters.

Pre and post campaign research was conducted by Survey.com.The results were significant and the work proved to be even more effective than we had anticipated.

In terms of purchase preference for IT security, Cisco moved from 3rd to 1st against its main competitors in this area - Symantec and Norton. In addition, unprompted association with Euro 2004 amongst exposed users saw Cisco being the most mentioned brand (16%) with Coca-Cola - one of the official sponsors of the tournament - beaten into second place (9.3%).