Oliver Payne

Behavioural insight & comms consultant

‘05 BP Corporate

“…these [BP ads] are cool… well done!“

David Fowler, Worldwide Creative Director, Ogilvy & Mather ( New York - US )

Idea Generation | Art Direction

While BP has earned a ‘greener’ image than some of the other major oil companies, most people aren’t aware of the full range of positive initiatives the company engages in, varying from alternative fuel development, social projects, environmental involvement, to name but a few.

As part of a wider integrated, the online advertising needed to communicate these messages in a consistent and straightforward way.

Online has provided the opportunity to actively engage with an audience that is notoriously difficult to reach — 30-year-old-plus professionals, who are well educated, influential and interested in current events. They are seen as a figure of influence in their networks and are likely to pass on and be sought out for their opinions by those with whom they come into contact with.

We wanted the target market to ‘discover’ our messages for themselves. However we know they are not interested enough to seek out this information so we had to take it to them and actively engage them with the banners to discover the messages themselves. The objective was not about click through but to engage the consumers to absorb the key messages directly from the ad.

There are numerous ads, which are added to monthly, covering a wide array of topics. The campaign went live in November 2005 and will continue throughout 2006.

The core site are financial, business, news and science websites including www.ft.com and www.economist.com

Overall the campaign has exceeded our expectations: The average interaction rate was 47%

“[BP UK online ads] Terrific work. Really smart…“

Ken Shuldman, Creative Director, Ogilvy & Mather ( New York - US )