Oliver Payne

Behavioural insight & comms consultant

‘05 Cisco LiveCast

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Idea Generation | Art Direction

Cisco is the world’s leading networking company - almost every FTSE 500 business has some form of Cisco technology solution. Until now their products have been aimed exclusively at the Enterprise market, but they have now developed a range of products for the smaller business.

Security is a massive issue for these companies and one that has a real impact on their business. The average cost of a security incident to a business ranges from £10,000 to £120,000.

The real challenge is telling these smaller businesses that Cisco now have products designed for them that can help mitigate these risks.

“Cisco System’s agency, Ogilvy Interactive, also went home with two trophies - the Revolution Award and Best B2B Service - for the Live Webcast. The campaign, which involved live footage of Cisco experts being streamed directly into banner ads, was singled out for the Revolution Award, which is given to the best winning entry overall, for showing enormous innovation.

It was a great example of how the technological and niche-targeting benefits of interactive channels can be combined, particularly in the broadband age.

Thoroughly deserved“

Susie Harwood, Revolution UK 19-May-06

Cisco’s experts can’t sit face-to-face and chat with each and every small business across Europe. Or can they?

We arranged for Cisco experts to host real time Q&A sessions online by streaming a live webcast simultaneously into thousands of ad units across sites all over Europe.

The banner broadcast live, streaming video and audio of our local expert talking about the security issues that effect smaller businesses, but as the viewers could type questions directly into the banner too, the experts could also respond to the questions - a seamless one-to-one connection between Cisco and the viewer, allowing the host to adapt his presentation as themes emerged.

Additionally, users could set up SMS and email reminders, and were given the option to pre-select topics of interest, thereby helping to influence the Livecast’s content. In order to make this happen, OgilvyInteractive created a web service that would manage the streaming of the content and manage the Instant Messaging, as well as handling email propagation, and SMS delivery. Once a user was signed in, the web service took over - sending them emails or SMS alerts depending on which WebCast they had signed up for.

A great combination of technology, creativity and content - and a world first.

“Today… a ground-breaking event for Cisco… a live broadcast into an ad space online [where you] can interact… in real time… This is a world’s first. Not many agencies can make a claim like that these days. Congratulations to the team…“

Lino Ribolla, Executive Creative Director, OgilvyInteractive, London

Ten 30 minute LiveCasts, in four countries, resulted in 10,000 small-to-medium-sized business decision makers engaging with Cisco experts. Over 80 unplanned questions, topics and problems were raised.

Within the UK the campaign succeeded in increasing the relevance of Cisco to decision makers in our target audience by 11.5%.

Executive Creative Director: Lino Ribolla
Art director: Oliver Payne
Copywriters: Max Vinall, David Shearer
Account director: Michael Islip
Producer: Neil Pennington
Head of Technology: Gary Jobe
Technology lead: Thorkild Clausen
Third party: flashtalking