Oliver Payne

Behavioural insight & comms consultant

‘05 Cisco LiveCast Banner

Idea Generation | Art Direction

Cisco wants to be seen as being responsive and helpful to small-to-medium-sized businesses, so a series of live webcasts were planned to answer that challenge.

To create awareness about the Cisco Livecast we deployed an expandable video-enabled skyscraper banner to give users a sample of what they would get on the real live event. Two main pieces of functionality cover off the brief: an easy one-click polling function on topics of interest for the upcoming webcasts and an email and SMS sign-up reminder. The video of the Cisco expert also presents some of the topics to be covered during the event, allowing users to chose the one of their interest.

The banner was placed in the financial pages of online broadsheet newspapers.

“I was just looking at this again - what a fucking great banner!“

Michael Islip, Business Director, OgilvyInteractive, London

All time best digital ad?
For integrating sms (text messaging), live video and chat into a single banner (mpu format) and the supporting banners (skyscrapers, letterboxes, buttons etc) getting content from a single database with time specific information based on the site they were being hosted on and based on the country the banner was being shown in, it would have to be the Cisco LiveCast. The fact that we did it is just a bonus.“

Thorkild Clausen, Tech Lead, OgilvyInteractive, London

Executive Creative Director: Lino Ribolla
Art director: Oliver Payne
Copywriters: Max Vinall, David Shearer
Account director: Michael Islip
Producer: Neil Pennington
Head of Technology: Gary Jobe
Technology lead: Thorkild Clausen
Third party: flashtalking