Oliver Payne

Behavioural insight & comms consultant

‘06 IBM Wimbledon

Idea Generation | Art Direction

IBM is in the business of helping companies become ‘special’ through innovation. Using Wimbledon as an example, the strategic challenge was to demonstrate how IBM helps companies innovate and differentiate themselves from the competition.

However, Wimbledon is special already. Recognising this challenge, the strategy focused on showcasing how IBM helps Wimbledon to apply innovation behind the scenes, enhancing stakeholders’ experiences and helping to make it special for them.

Further, our target, C-level Executives, is difficult to engage – they are busy and over-targeted. The campaign needed cut through, to deliver surprise-and-delight, and relevance - giving the audience information in innovative ways.

“This truly is a stupendous achievement… I’m really proud of this, and you should
all be too… I can safely say that this project demonstrated the best example of teaming I’ve had the pleasure of being involved in, and the results prove it! Thanks again.“

Alan Flack, Brand manager, UK

This 360 campaign showcased how IBM helped Wimbledon innovate. Press highlighted innovations that improved the Wimbledon experience for key stakeholders. A rich media MPU leveraged live match data and provided innovative interpretations of play, demonstrating IBMs ability to deliver real-time business solutions. To engage our audience further, we Bluetooth-enabled ambient elements and strategically placed them around the City. Elements included ‘special’ umpire chairs, lawns and trees, from which passers-by could receive live match scores and a message to their phones. We achieved cut-through with our audience by using stand-out creative and delivering relevant business innovation messages in cutting-edge, innovative ways.

Given the FIFA World Cup activity that was taking place at the same time, the fact that this campaign ran for only 2 weeks, and that our target audience is notoriously hard to engage, this campaign generated impressive results. The Bluetooth activity generated an 8.3% response rate; the MPU delivered 0.91% response rate - a 400% increase on last year’s results! - and the Web site generated a 10% increase over 2005 results.

“5 Million unique users… up 7% year on year… and in a fortnight of direct competition with the world cup… awesome!.. you should be very proud of yourselves with what you have delivered this year… well done to you and your teams… and thank you for the fabulous work!“

Brendan Dineen, Director of Marketing, UK, Ireland and South Africa

“Just to reiterate Sara’s comments, THANK YOU very very much. The landing page is 100% improvement on last year, and its live a week earlier, so thank you. The solutions page is 200% better than last year… Great team effort by all.“

Amy Oliver, Advertising and Wimbledon Team Lead, IBM UK Ltd

“Please pass on my biggest thanks to the digital team, The MPU looks absolutely amazing!!!! I keep using the replay function, and it looks fantastic, I knew it was going to look good, but its even better than I imagined. The banners are so striking, you absolutely can’t miss them. I love them. thank you!!“

Amy Oliver, Advertising and Wimbledon Team Lead, IBM UK Ltd

Creative directors: Colin Nimick, Paul Hargreaves, Bo Hellberg
Art directors: Charlie Wilson, Oliver Payne
Copywriters: Emma de la Fosse, Pavlos Themistocleous
Account directors: Suzanne Craythorne, James Burgess