Oliver Payne

Behavioural insight & comms consultant

2004-1999 Saatchi

First & First, London

When I joined the Charlotte Street office - spiritual home of Saatchi & Saatchi - it was 1999 and the dotcom boom was in full effect. I was the first interactive specialist to work there. A year later I made their first interactive TV advert, for Olay. However, most advertising agencies were slow off the mark with digital, and Saatchi’s was no different. Many of the clients already had with established relationships with a digital shops. Mostly because they were the only people they could turn to. Deepend was in ascendancy along with the likes of Oven, and Agency.com. Boo.com hadn’t even been launched, let alone gone bust (they lasted from August 1999 until May 2000).

Dave Droga had just filled the Exec Creative Director job, and Sony had put us on their pitch list for above the line work. I knew we totally had to throw some interactive work in there, even if we weren’t likely to be awarded the interactive agency of record. I jumped in with both feet scamping a 3D map of all of Sony’s products - a ‘world’ if you like - each product having, amongst other things, content examples generated either by us, or by users. I know user-generated-content sounds quite innocent and obvious now, but that was a decade ago. Before broadband. (And before all those awful adverts for broadband).

The agency won the ATL business, which set tone for years of success at Charlotte Street. We never broke Sony’s relationship with it’s interactive roster, but we approached every new and existing client with same sense of application, dedication, and clarity of thought. With success I might add.

For five years as Interactive Creative Director at Saatchi & Saatchi London I lead the interactive creative department on national, European and global briefs for automotive, banking, charity and FMCG clients developing interactive games and campaigns.

I picked up a DMA Gold, and recognition in the Cyberlions, the Clios, and the Revolution Awards.

The most successful interactive advert on BskyB, 1999-2002 »

In 2002 Toyota Corolla commissioned us to make inroads on interactive Television. Having worked in iTV before I wanted to make sure that we upped the creative ante by not doing a pseudo web interface. The second part of the challenge was to develop an holistic creative idea that fit with the through-the-line campaign - ‘Pride’. The solution is the garage dressed as a lounge: an idea that delivers the Corolla ‘Pride‘ advertising message and works as an interface for content [...]

Gold Award in the Direct Marketing Association Digital Media Category, 2002 »

Almost 1,900 students went to the site… only 60 got through all the challenges. The system was designed to identify candidates with determination and the ability to think ‘outside the box’. ‘Cracking results, and great use of the medium’, the judges enthused. ‘It showed a clear understanding of the audience, and their willingness to try and try again to get into Saatchis’.

Direct Marketing Association Judges