Oliver Payne

Behavioural insight & comms consultant

‘00 Sunny Delight game

Creative Direction | Idea Generation | 3rd Party Management

Mirror the success of Sunny Delight’s ‘3 on 3′ school’s basketball program in an online environment across europe.

The online world in 1999 wasn’t able to compete with the rich visual immediacy of console gaming without heavy time consuming downloads. Whilst big downloads aren’t necessarily wrong, we wanted to make sure the barriers to entry were as low as possible.

With this in mind I pushed for a Fantasy Manager type game. We based the creative around Sunny Delight’s ‘3 on 3′ basketball program, then took it to extremes. As a user you created your own online avatar out of wierd and wonderful intergalactic body parts, and managed a team of basketball players from all corners of an imaginary galaxy in weekly games against other users’ teams.

Amaze Ltd, Liverpool were contracted to build the project under my creative direction. The Lost Boys, Amsterdam were contracted to build a desktop exe file.