Oliver Payne

Behavioural insight & comms consultant

‘02 Olay Touch moisturiser

Launch the Olay Touch moisturiser campaign

Creative Direction | Idea Generation | Navigation Structure | Art Direction

Support the launch of Olay Touch moisturiser online.

My research uncovered the fact that more people believe their horoscope than believe in God - in short everybody loves to discover something about themselves, and that there are 8 different types of touch profile. So, developing a piece that uncovered your touch profile would be the perfect way to support the product launch in the interactive space. Executed as an email & microsite.

“Thanks Oli … for the strength of the ideas! Fantastic job! I think that you have developed ideas that are here to stay.“

Philippe LePage, Account Director, Saatchi & Saatchi London

Consumer research shows that discovering your true psychological touch profile was much more powerful than communicating the touch message in any other medium - despite only answering three ‘questions’. Try the experience for yourself.
Concept, creative direction, structure, art direction: Oliver Payne
Art direction, structure, build: Alan Cronje
Copywriter: Vanessa Heald