Oliver Payne

Behavioural insight & comms consultant

‘02 Toyota interactive TV

The most successful interactive advert on BskyB, 1999-2002

Creative Direction | Idea Generation | Art Direction | 3rd Party Management

Extend Corolla ‘Pride‘ campaign into interactive TV linked from the Corolla TVC’s.

Having worked in iTV before I wanted to make sure that we upped the creative ante by not doing a pseudo web interface. The second part of the challenge was to develop an holistic creative idea that fit with the through-the-line campaign - ‘Pride’. The solution is the garage dressed as a lounge: an idea that delivers the Corolla ‘Pride‘ advertising message and works as an interface for content. We set up a shoot to get the shot we wanted.

• The most successful interactive advert on BskyB for the 3 years between 1999-2002.
• Over 90% of users said the interactive experience was good or exceptional.
• £3 million worth of Toyota Corolla expected to be sold because of this interactive TV advert.