Oliver Payne

Behavioural insight & comms consultant

‘03 Cookie Crisp cereal

Creative Direction | Idea Generation | Navigation Structure | Art Direction | Copywriting | Design | 3rd Party Management

Cookie Crisp have a wolf character named Chip. In all consumer advertising Chip howls for his cereal. A ‘phone promotion has been set up for children to replicate Chip’s howl: The best howl winning a year’s supply of Cookie Crisp.

Put a list of the best kids’ howls online.
That’s no challenge.

“The client loved your Cookie Crisp work so much they’re going to dedicate money to interactive components next year for every Cereal Partners project.“

Stephen Ellis-Smith, Account Director, Saatchi & Saatchi, London

Get sticky. Audio clips of kids telephone-howls online isn’t enough. This site needs something else. Seeing as the promotion revolves around ‘howling’ I developed a howling piano. Now there’s something to do on the site. I developed printable colour-in sheets to extend the virual into the real.

• 4000 unique users (NB. not hits, which is much higher) during September
• 50% of visitors played the ‘howl’ piano
• 50% of visitors listened to the demo telephone ‘howls’
• 25% of telephone ‘howlers’ used the unique online/ press ad telephone number (total campaign; TV, Cereal-pack, Press ads, NO online advertising)

Concept, Creative direction, structure, Art direction, Copywriting, Typography: Oliver Payne
Build: Reflecktor
Illutration: Tracy Worrall