Oliver Payne

Behavioural insight & comms consultant

‘03 Visa Europe website

Creative Direction | Idea Generation | Art Direction | Design | 3rd Party Management

Re-make the consumer-facing website for Visa’s European region.

Their existing website was a mess. In fact it was an exact replica of their organisational structure which had nothing to do with what consumers need.

“Congrats [on Visa] – well done! Brilliant effort! Many, many thanks.“

James Hall, CEO Saatchi & Saatchi London

I directed we build the site using three very simple consumer-friendly categories:
1. I’ve got it
2. I want it
3. I’ve lost it

We pretty much worked it as planned. The revamp was loved by clients, agency, and the industry alike.

“Visa has … launched its new website www.visaeu.com across Europe. This follows a successful pitch win by the interactive team last October [2002] in which we saw off the incumbent and specialist agencies by demonstrating our integrated approach. This has been a mammoth task and represents a complete shift in thinking and approach for Visa.“

Anthony Plant, Saatchi & Saatchi Visa Group Director Europe

“… It is obvious from the first page that a lot of research and lateral thinking has been invested in the new site. The traditional blue and gold branding is as strong as ever; and clever use of Flash on the front page helps reinforce the idea of Visa as a ‘lifestyle choice’, without alienating those who aren’t flash enabled. The text is informative, yet sparingly written throughout, and the structure indiates that Visa EU has identified several interest groups amongst its customers; all are catered for equally. [I]t is pleasing to note that the page layouts … are excellent, and consistent throughout… [A] very successful revamp.“

Smart Cards Now, August 2003