Large conferences

Keynote: Institute of International & European Affairs, Dublin, 2017

Keynote speaker at the ‘Together Towards a Low Carbon Future’ conference run by @esbgroup & @iiea on the 23rd Nov, 2017, Dublin, Ireland. (~20mins talk, ~25mins panel)

Ten min talk: The Crowd event, on The Psychology of Climate Action (and Inaction), London, 2020

Event explored how public leaders can influence perception, cognition, and action on an individual and collective basis, to mobilise exponential change towards a sustainable future, using insights from psychology and neuroscience. I was part of four thought-provoking talks from Kate Jeffery, Professor of Behavioural Neuroscience, UCL; Daniel Vennard, Director, Better Buying Lab, World Resources Institute; Claire Howes Director of Marketing, Smart Energy GB; and Oliver Payne, Founder and Director, The Hunting Dynasty, Feb 2020, London (~10mins talk)

Main stage: Nudgestock, London, 2013

Main stage speaker on creating sustainable behaviour

...and many more private businesses, organisations, and government

The Crowd, The Psychology of Climate Action (and Inaction), 2020

Cognitive Economics Society, 2019

Warwick Behavioural Insights Team, conference, 2019

Claims Consortium, 2019

I Love Claims, 2019

John Lewis, lunchtime session on behaviour, 2018

Pearson executive course, behavioural module, 2018

Institute of International & European Affairs, Keynote, Dublin, 2017

UCL Male psychology conference, primary research on male suicide, 2017

York University, CSR/Sustainability, 2017

Lloyds Bank, behaviour and comprehension, 2016

UK 3rd Cross-Government Behavioural Insight conference, primary foodwaste project, 2016

Digitas, advertising agency, 2015

NATO Center of Excellence, to serving soldiers from NATO forces, in Latvia, 2015

Proximity, advertising agency, 2013

Wahala, Netherlands, 2013

Nudgestock, London, 2013

RKCR, Y&R, advertising agency, 2012

Diageo, 2012

Science Museum, Dana Center, London, 2011

Market Research Society annual conference, using behavioural economics, 2011

ColeyPorterBell, advertising agency, 2010

Green Unplugged, London, 2010

Woolley Pau, advertising agency, 2010

Department for Transport, UK government, Whitehall, 2010

London School of Economics + Political Science, 2009, 2010